Saturday, March 12, 2011

Dog Days Are Over

It appears that Spring is ready to come back. Quite suddenly, many trees, young and old, have begun to blossom. An overwhelming feeling comes over me. What is it, who knows, I'm debating whether it's anxiety or excitement. Maybe a perfectly-crafted blend of both that only Spring can cultivate.

In any case, I drift away as I drive, the road becomes a long stretch of land that leads my daydreams toward nostalgia, toward my most cherished memories.

Traffic dissolves as I float away into dreams.

The sun delicately caresses my forehead while a light Lenten breeze kisses my cheek.

All feels perfect, like everything is right where it is meant to be. These moments of unadulterated silence and contemplation on the road are what maintain my being.

Being the daydreamer that I am, there is hardly ever a time when I don't have a song that fits into my state of being. Does it make sense? Like if I had to describe myself -- not in the sense of biography or whatever, but rather in my abstract composition -- a certain song would perfectly fit at a particular point in time. Today it's this song, Dog Days Are Over by Florence + The Machine. Just listen to the composition -- how everything just interacts and fits together.

In other news, I drew bunnies, and they are green.