Thursday, May 23, 2013

Birthday Post!

Happy birthday to meeeee. Wheeeeee.

So I've been 25 years old for a week and one day now, and I don't feel any different really...25 seems so strange a concept to me: it's right in the middle of your 20s, the truest quarterlife-crisis number, the year when you can rent a car and have lower car insurance and stuff.

Hmph, I should rent a car.

This post should be about my birthday, the anniversary of my birth, the number of times I've revolved around the sun completely. 25. In three more 25-year segments I'll be 100. If I were a coin, I'd be 1/4 of a dollar. Why the comparisons? Why the fractions and mathematical breakdown of an age?

The squirrel makes sense. Just keep reading.

I dunno really. But it's really quite alright. And I don't think the actual celebration that took place on my birthday serves as a foreshadowing representation of my 25th year as a whole. [Does that sentence even make sense?] Anyway, in a nutshell:
  • I woke up to get ready for work (because my boss didn't approve my request for the day off.
  • My mother was sick, and my younger sister was dead asleep, so nobody sang happy birthday in the morning.
  • Nobody seemed to care that it was my birthday, I don't even think I cared about it.
  • It was pretty rainy on my way to work, and as I made my way down the usual route, a squirrel jumped in front of my car and I killed it.
    • The sudden death of the squirrel caused me to laugh and cry, simultaneously.
  • Work was lame and not busy at all, hahahaha. And for the birthday lunch we had pizza. I also received a few gifts and birthday cards.
  • I left work and went home. We "celebrated" my birthday by eating cake with some of my close family. Then everyone left because more storms were on their way.
  • My younger sister and I drove around for a bit, just before the storms hit...a small hurrah for being a year older.
And that was it. 25. I would like to say that my birthday was amazing and stuff like that, but it wasn't. But I was okay with it. Every day for the past month-and-a-half has been amazing enough, feeling love from all different places, that I can't keep myself from smiling!

Summer's gonna be awesome.

P.S. Out of all the presents I received for my birthday, I STILL DID NOT RECEIVE A BLACK LABRADOR PUPPY!!! I guess I'll have to get one of these days of these days.

This would be a picture of my black lab puppy...IF I HAD ONE!!!!!

Tuesday, May 14, 2013

Tuesday Tunesday: Who Knows Who Cares

Hi everybody!!! I'm finally back from an accidental hiatus of sorts, done with my first semester of grad school and stuff like that!

I have so much free time now that I don't even know what to do with it. Oh sure, I still go to work Monday-Friday, but it's such an easy job that I usually finish my work tasks with so much time left over. During the spring semester, I'd fill in that free time with study/homework time. I've been making myself busy, but there's really only so much I can do...

Having been busy with school stuff though, I completely neglected the fact that my birthday is creeping up on me. (It's tomorrow by the way, and I dunno how to feel about it!) And so, I scrambled around trying to request the day off from work (my boss didn't approve the request), buy my birthday dress (I didn't succeed in getting the one I originally wanted, but I got a worthy substitute), and plan something to do for the weekend celebration of it (which is currently not going very well).

Boy, the way that paragraph looks, I sound lame and superficial. It's not as bad as it sounds. Honestly, I just want to spend my birthday with my mother and sisters (and hopefully that'll happen alright tomorrow after work). The way things have been lately with my friends though...that's a different story. I don't think it's anyone's fault, we've all just been doing our own thing; the girls in the "gang" have been hanging out more while I've been stuck in grad school, the guys have been doing their own thing...I look back at last summer and how we were all on good terms, hanging out during the weekends, feeling young and free and stuff!

Anyway, I need to cheer up! And really, I've been feeling pretty awesome the past month or so---I still don't quite comprehend how I started out April quite miserable and heartbroken but now I'm in the middle of May and quite content with how things have been going. I've been trying a few new things here and there; I'm also in the beautiful happy stage of a new relationship (seriously, this awesome guy I'm seeing is pretty amazing, and nothing like the complicated relationships I've been in before). However, that's not the point of this post. The point is, and I'm glad I chose to share Local Natives' Who Knows Who Cares, that I just need to go along with whatever happens, reminding myself to enjoy every moment (good and bad).

We'll see how year twenty-five goes. I think I'll start that fun job search again; I wanna get out of this complacency, you know?! I wanna move out (on my own?), I wanna get a dog, I wanna visit Seattle (and the rest of the world)!

So dear friends of the virtual world, how's life been for y'all lately?? I'm gonna start catching up on my blog readings and I can't wait to see what y'all have been up to! :)