Thursday, May 31, 2012

The Ballad of Mr. Buggy

The Ballad of Mr. Buggy

Got in a stranger's car
Needed to get away from my hometown
Didn't know where this car was headin'

Mr. Buggyyyyyyyyy
Gonna take a riiiiiiiiiiiide
Of a lifetiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiime

Lost in midnight's darkness
No way out of this forgotten 'mobile
No goin' back, no way no how

Mr. Buggyyyyyyyyy
Gonna take a riiiiiiiiiiiide
Of a lifetiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiime

It's a-thunderin' hard
Confessin' my last small sins to the world
Scared froze'--preparin' to meet death

Mr. Buggyyyyyyyyy
Gonna take a riiiiiiiiiiiide
Of a lifetiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiime

~~~The sun awakes me~~~
~~~Life shines upon me~~~
~~~My journey goes on!~~~

Mr. Buggyyyyyyyyy
Gonna take a riiiiiiiiiiiide
Of a lifetiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiime

Must be on a spaceship
'cos ev'ryone looks like a blur to me
Gotta enjoy this while I can

Mr. Buggyyyyyyyyy
Gonna take a riiiiiiiiiiiide
Of a lifetiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiime

A sudden turn, that's all
"Why we stoppin'?" I ask from a distance
"That's it, Buggy, end of the ride!"

~~~I look around, windin' down~~~
~~~Look how far I've travelled~~~
~~~Time to start a-new my dears~~~

Mr. Buggyyyyyyyyy
Gonna take a riiiiiiiiiiiide
Of a lifetiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiime

I want to dedicate The Ballad of Mr. Buggy to my older sister, who unknowingly had a stowaway bug in her car. Oh, and of course, this is dedicated to the star of this ballad, Mr. Buggy.

Mr. Buggy on the window.

"Nice to meet ya!" - Mr. Buggy.

Please tell me Mr. Buggy was a dangerous bug. We made him get out of the car when we got to work. Farewell, Mr. Buggy!! Happy travels!

Monday, May 28, 2012

Music Monday: Venezia

Happy Music Monday! Thought it was time for some lightheartedness again, and I was in 1980s Spanish music mood---Hombres G to be more precise. The above song is titled Venezia, and this particular song has made a home in my mind as Texas welcomes the good old (infamous?) Texas summer weather. It is hot. Very hot, and it's gonna get only hotter as summer progresses, but it's all good, because that only means that autumn comes soon after. And y'all know how much I love autumn. (A whole lot, in case you didn't know.)

Anyway, GUESS WHAT!?!?!?

I a BICYCLE!!! I sure as hell don't know how to ride it yet, but this evening right after I made my two-wheeled investment, we stopped by the so-called COYOTE PARK (ok, really it's called East Hill Park, but I've seen coyotes and bobcats and even DEER in and around!), and decided to have my first lesson.

Me, with the highlighter pink shorts, and my mother, with a meme face for the sake of anonymity.
Yup, I got a PURPLE bike. It was either the purple girls' bike or the TONY HAWK boys' bike---now, I'm all for gender bending, but if I'm gonna look ridiculous while learning how to ride a bike, I might as well be as girly as possible....maybe I should have gone with a Barbie bike instead...

Anyway, I made a fool of myself in front of an Indian and a white family, for about half an hour. We had issues putting the bike back into the Jeep, so my mother decided my sister and I would ride the bike and/or run back home. OH JOY.

My sister rode the bike, and I decided to jog beside her all the way home, by the way. Here's a snapshot of our route. 0.6 of a mile, that's CRAY CRAY Y'ALL!

That's a lot of running on such short notice!
Anyway, now I'm home, tired. Glad to say that I'm FINALLY on the right track to doing what I want. Hopefully my bicycle adventures will get better! :) If not, y'all will sure get to witness my mistakes hahahaha!!!

Have a great day/evening/night (or whatever time it is)!

Saturday, May 26, 2012


A kiss on the cheek
and a farewell.

We depart as friends,

at least in the
corners of my dreams.

Friday, May 25, 2012

Just Because

It's not really my place to say anything, you know, to try to console or encourage or cheer someone up. Especially when I don't really know this person, other than how we've interacted on our particular tangent of this particular virtual world.

My words aren't particularly important either, but I'd like to let you know that I care. You might feel like your writing's going nowhere, that you can't quite finish processing great thoughts into great words and posts, that no one cares to know what you do on a day-to-day basis or whatever; that is not the case at all.

Anyway, if I knew you for-real-for-real (i.e. in person or whatever), I'd think you were pretty interesting. (For the record, I'm not too talented in providing great words of encouragement and stuff like that, but I think my heart's usually in the right place.)

So before I ruin this post with more rambling thoughts, I'm just gonna finishing by saying, "You're alright, kid." Just keep doing what you want to do. I'm working on that myself, and I wish you the best! :)

Monday, May 21, 2012

Music Monday: It Was a Good Day

Happy Music Monday! I'd like to take a moment first to say that I feel a whole lot better after my previous post. The response I got from good people meant a lot to me and I feel a little recharged. Thanks guys!! :)

Now about today's song (Ice Cube's It Was A Good Day)...Pretty speechless when it comes to this song...

Ice Cube + pretty good Monday = who knew!?

When it comes to songs like this one, I am overcome with laughter and amazement (amazement at Ice Cube's flowing lyrics).


Thursday, May 17, 2012

Mini Panic Attack

That's how I feel right now. Now that I'm 24, I realized that it's been exactly two years since I graduated from university. If I had been really really super focused and had known what I wanted to do two years ago, I'd be finishing up my masters degree right about now...or I'd possibly be halfway through my Ph. D.

This is tough on me, and while most of the time I calm myself down by saying, "It's alright Euni! The stuff you've gone through has been good for you and your development as an able human being in society!" (yes, I actually say "development as an able human being in society..." word for word), right now I'm kind of breaking down.

Where am I right now? Getting ready to take some calculus courses over the summer. I know that I want to pursue a higher degree in Behavioral Economics. What's holding me back? Not having enough information on good Behavioral Economics graduate programs. Also, the fear of not having enough funds/income to sustain my pursuit of higher education---sure, I can take on more loans, but at what point will it become too much debt? And sure, I'm totally cool with studying full-time and tackling the hard education stuff, but what about day-to-day living expenses (i.e. daily nourishment, rent, etc.)?

Someone should slap me in the face and give me a bottle of whiskey, preferably the whiskey first so my face can be numb.


Ok, I feel better now. I just need to laugh out loud and everything will be alright again---anyone want to join?

{On a brighter note, my birthday was wonderful. One of the best yet---but I'll discuss that later!}

Monday, May 14, 2012

Music Monday: What I Got

Happy Music Monday!!!! Sublime hits the spot when I'm feeling kind of down. So today I'm sharing Sublime. Pardon the redundancy.

TOMORROW IS MY BIRTHDAY, BY THE WAY!!!! I promise I'm more excited than I appear to be, though I am a little superficially upset that this really beautiful dress from Anthropologie was not in my size. :'( I guess I'll have to look for it tomorrow (and be able to use my birthday discount!)!!!

Rolo Crossback Dress
Rolo Crossback Dress.

Happy early birthday to me, hehehehe :)

Sunday, May 13, 2012


Dear Self,

I'm sorry I forgot my birthday was right around the corner. Sure, I realized that it was May, and in my mind I was like, "Yay, it's my birthday month. Woohoo!" but somehow it didn't quite dawn on me how close I really was to being another year older.

To compensate, I'll share a birthday wishlist with myself.

Ok, I'm sharing it with all my readers and friends, but I'm not doing this to ask for attention or to brag about my oh-so-refined-and-sophisticated tastes (riiiiiiiiiight). And I'm not asking for anybody to buy me any of these items...BUT in the event that someone (ahem, sisters in particular) would love to reward me for surviving yet another year, this wishlist will hopefully be extremely helpful.

1. Whale iPod speaker(s). (Yes, they exist, somewhere!)

I've tried to look for this speaker thingy, or cuter ones actually, but I've had no luck...Maybe somebody else will have better luck?

2. Steve Madden JAZIE COGNAC LEATHER oxfords. I have a soft spot for semi-androgynous Mr. Peanut-y shoes.

The pink adds a wacky feminine touch, I think.

3. Clinique CHUBBY STICKS. All of them, if I could. But one will make me happy.

I don't know how this happened---I was watching some television, minding my own business, not desiring any CHUBBY STICK lip balms, and then this commercial came on. It was a hypnotizing experience: by the end of the commercial I knew that I had to have at least one CHUBBY STICK. When did I become so stereotypically girly?

4. Clothing items with WHALES. (I guess I could have said whale-clad clothes?)

---BASICALLY, ANYTHING THAT HAS WHALES: DRESS, T-SHIRTS, PANTIES, SOCKS, SHORTS, ANYTHING!!!---Whales just make everything better, and I happen to look really good in whale-patterned clothing.

5. Oh yeah, I can't forget...

End This Depression Now!
Paul Krugman's new book: End This Depression Now!

I do love Krugman's clarity.

Anyway, those are the things that would make my birthday awesome. I mean, they're not super important and necessary items, but I wouldn't mind receiving any one of these items. ;)

P.S. A puppy would make a perfect gift too. I love puppies, particularly black labrador retrievers. GIMME PUPPY NOW (please?)!

Monday, May 7, 2012

Music Monday: Tubthumping

Happy Music Monday! I finally went to the Death Cab For Cutie concert last Thursday (and it was AMAZING---and I fell in love with Benjamin Gibbard and that smooth voice of his), and so the DCFC Music Monday countdown has come to a close. I'll totally share my excitement/experience at this memorable concert later this week, but for now...


Oh yes...some "Anarcho-punk" music for this lovely Monday. Ok, I'm not sharing it because it falls under this particular genre/category, nor am I sharing it because I find pleasure in getting this song stuck in people's heads for an unbearably long time, but rather because of this:

I know what you're thinking: Native American History + lacrosse + popular 1990s music??? This can only equal GREATNESS. (Hey, before y'all start thinking I'm being superficial---or whatever---with Native American History, lemme tell you, I happen to LOVE Native American---American Indian---history. After randomly selecting a history course on it, I had the best time ever learning a subject I would have otherwise never studied. Go on, ask me about something regarding their part in our American history: I'll gladly partake in some nice conversation!) Anyway, enjoy the rest of your Monday, dears.

Friday, May 4, 2012

The Cat's Outta the...Envelope?

Happy Thursday (well, Friday, actually...) to all! I'm a terrible TERRIBLE person, first leading y'all to believe I was gonna write about something super AWESOME and PURR-FECT on my 100th post, and secondly telling y'all in my 100th post that I would totally share this particular something by Wednesday. But ya know, I'm a rebel, I take pleasure in NOT doing the things I tell myself to do. That, and you know, this thing called work gets in my way of what I really wanna do, and then I have dumb responsibilities (i.e. laundry and junk) that I have to take care of, blah blah blah, and then I also like to daydream and read Paul Krugman, you get the idea...but I am truly ashamed that it took me exactly a week to share this particular post with you all. I'm sorry. Please read this entire post and y'all will see it was worth the wait.

So let's start---I know, after a million years of me rambling on and on (stalling?), here we go. I'm a terrible storyteller by the way. I mentioned in my 100th post that in writing a blog, I have met some pretty cool people---like, super cool people, who enjoy writing (and do it well), as well as they enjoy the little and quirky things in life. {Note: by little I mean the underappreciated things we experience on a daily basis.} Woody, over at Woodn't Ya Know It, just happens to be one of these super cool people. Like, no lies, if you need to laugh or be lightheartedly entertained, you gotta check out his blog.

Anyway, Woody fancies thrift store adventures, and has a "Thrift Store Pen Pals" segment in his blog. The basic idea is he randomly (though in my case not so randomly) chooses one of the participating pen pals and sends them a thrift store "treasure." The rest of this post is about the totally awesome item I received and how it's found a new home.

Oh yes, brace yourselves.
I never get any mail, so imagine this pleasant surprise...

HELLO TABBY! My very own Kitty Photo Friends Photo Frame!! Just what I always wanted but never asked for!

Not impressed??? Just wait...look at all the amazing positions my HELLO TABBY can get into:
You really need to click on this picture to see HELLO TABBY in all its glory.
Naturally, since HELLO TABBY (as I decided to name it) is part feline-part photo frame, I decided to take a little tour around my work area and see what faces would suit him/her (this cat transcends gender barriers by the way)...Enjoy...

The instructions were a lot harder than I thought...

Starting off with POUTY TABBY, because all cats look good with pouty lips.

Or if you prefer tall, dark, and handsome---how about SULTRY TABBY?

Or how about some HELLO TABBY ala High School Musical?

Oh, Zac Efron wasn't the only celebrity to audition for the coveted role of HELLO TABBY, the Desk Companion:

No surprise that Ke$ha would wanna be HELLO TABBY, on the printer.

Khloe Kardashian decided to add an air of wilderness to her HELLO TABBY portrayal.

Ok, maybe---MAYBE---I'm a little biased, but I think Ryan Gosling is best suited for HELLO TABBY...

I mean, come on, HELLO [RYAN] TABBY looks good just standing next to the phone and office pens.

And he works well with his co-workers!

Nope, this is not Ryan Gosling, but to be fair, I had to let this horse join the competition.
A HUGE thanks goes out to Woody once again, for being awesome in sending out little treasures to his fellow blogger friends! If you want to participate in the project, head on over to Woodn't Ya Know It and check out the guidelines! (You won't regret it!)

{Not to make this post all pigtail-braces-glasses-nerdy, but this unexpected exercise was good for me---since I didn't know what was coming, I really couldn't prepare what I would say/write/do. I'm always insecure about my writing---is it good (i.e. well-written, worthwhile), and if it is, what I can I do to make the next one better, blah blah blah---but working on this allowed me to get out of my usual subjects/thoughts and go back to my more lighthearted and happy style.}

Anyway, thought I'd share the following icanhascheezburger cat video---I can't explain how I think it's semi-sort-of-related to this post besides the fact that it has cats. Enjoy :)