Thursday, December 20, 2012

That's just CRAY CRAY

From xkcd. I should just wear this print on a shirt or badge...

I meant to write about something else (and earlier in the week), but this week has just been a little out of sorts, and it's really testing my ability to be flexible and resilient in every situation I encounter.

First off, I haven't been to yoga all week, and that makes me terribly sad; I like the feeling of going to yoga, and I was supposed to go yesterday after work, but then I got in a car accident and that just ruined my schedule for the rest of the evening. Nobody got hurt, some girl wasn't paying attention to the traffic and rammed (yes, the pickup truck rammed, like a big old ram) into the back of my poor Jeep. It's a good thing I have a Jeep; it scares me to think what would've happened to me if I still drove a little 4-cylinder Toyota Yaris. I know everything with regards to the body repairs to my car will be fixed, it's no big deal, it wasn't my fault or anything, but the fright always gets to me. All these what-ifs and scary thoughts are jarring and really test my patience and my ability to remain calm.

But it's okay. If anything, this little blip on my life's timeline has just served to show me how much my family and friends love me. They love me even though I'm kind of strange (ha, I had to find a way to tie in that xkcd comic). Anyway, I'll just let this cray cray stuff slide off me while I continue to smile and sing along to my favorite songs as I drive home.

Tuesday, December 11, 2012

Tuesday Tunesday: Sounds Like Hallelujah

Wow, another Tuesday, another music-sharing post. After thinking about it, I realize that my 150th post was very anticlimactic. It was poorly and rashly written, but I'm not gonna change it! :)

Instead, I will use it as a benchmark of sorts, you know, if I'm ever working on a future post and I start thinking it needs improvement, I'll just compare it to the 150th post. Yup, I do what I want!

Anyway, maybe y'all have heard of Spotify, maybe you haven't. In any case, y'all should give it a try! It's kind of like Pandora, only better, because you can actually listen to one particular artist/band/whatever, as well as listen to radio stations based on the artist/band/whatever. I'm obviously a big fan of Arcade Fire, Wilco, and lately, The Lumineers; and while listening to the stations based on them I've been exposed to other artists and bands I never paid attention to before, one example being The Head and The Heart. I am now smitten with them, and the fact that they are from Seattle makes it even more clear that I need to pack up my things and move on over to my "real home." Oh, I haven't mentioned it? I can feel it in my heart, my soul, that Seattle is where I'm supposed to be, for so many reasons it's not even funny. I haven't visited it before, but I just know that Seattle is my Manifest Destiny. I'll have to postpone my permanent move for at least two years (this thing called grad school is getting in the way), but I do intend to visit this beautiful city early next year, so I can leave my heart in a better place than New York City.

Anyway, in the meantime, I have this amazing music to keep me connected to Seattle. One of the songs that really stands out to me at the moment is this one (Sounds Like Hallelujah):

By now y'all might have guessed that I'm very biased towards folksy indie music, especially when the music is performed by a really good combination of people and instruments. I hope y'all enjoyed it too, I just know I'm really glad I've finally encountered these guys.

I'm feeling better today, by the way. I took my final exam for Calculus yesterday evening, and now I get to look forward to teaching myself Linear Algebra before I start grad school in January! So much fun, right? At least I already purchased a book and accompanying solution manual so I really don't have an excuse not to study...

Here's to an awesome rest of the year! :)

Sunday, December 9, 2012

150 and Counting



It's kind of exciting really. So exciting in fact, that I had to search on Pinterest for a nice virtual cake to celebrate. Isn't it fancy??? :)

Anyway, I guess I'll take a break from my studying and share a little of what's been going on in behind the scenes of's been quite a roller coaster, but I think things are getting a little better. Well, that is what I'm telling myself, life has been kind of tough here and there, and as I've been exploring my inner self (my thoughts, feelings, meanings, etc.), I am beginning to realize that there are a few things I need to take care of. The most complicated and difficult thing is, I believe, the clash between who I really am and who I strive to be around my friends, co-workers, and family. I'm such an introvert, and while I've been progressing bit by bit in hanging out more with friends, there are times when I just need to recuperate, contemplate my life, alone. I'm quite reserved and prefer to hold out on talking until it really is necessary to do so.

Now, I'm not saying being an introvert is bad---I love being a reserved individual---but these past couple of weeks I've seen the downside of introversion; because I tend to keep to myself (I rarely discuss my true feelings and reactions with those I love), I may be a little late on making a new relationship work out. Rational-me says I shouldn't worry or put too much thought into this, but when I have I ever really listened to Rational-me when it comes to love?

Anyway, since the start of this lovely month of December, I have decided to go through a mini-transformation of sorts. Well, more of a reconstruction: investing time, thought, and care into myself. I'm nourishing my mind and body through reading unassigned literature, going to yoga, and giving myself things I want and deserve. The yoga has helped tremendously; as I have become physically stronger, yoga has also allowed a wave of emotions to come over me, and it's forcing me to decipher what's going on inside my mind. I am choosing to figure out what I feel and why I feel that way. I've been reading another Raymond Chandler mystery, for fun, just because! Aaaaaand, while I haven't been shopping for new clothes and stuff, I have decided to dress up every now and then for the hell of it; I like using fashion (though an amateur I bet) as an art experiment on myself; it's been fun!

And so, I guess it's kind of cool that I'm sharing all this jumbled mess on my 150th post. I know struggles lie ahead, but I'm not hiding or running away from them. Just a request, if y'all happen to read my future posts and if they seem to be too sad or depressed, or even just plain apathetic, please, PLEASE snap me out of it. I'll accept any criticism and suggestions. :)

Have a lovely start of the week!

Tuesday, December 4, 2012

Tuesday Tunesday: My Body Is A Cage

It's been too long since I've shared a song on either a Monday or Tuesday---I've completely neglected keeping at least one constant on teenytinytidbits...but that drought ends today. Prepare to quench your thirst with this amazing song by Arcade Fire (My Body Is A Cage, from the album, Neon Bible); I think the album as a whole is very underrated and often overlooked compared to their other albums. I know I certainly paid little attention to Neon Bible, but lately I've been thirsting for this album to play over and over again.

Y'all don't have to really listen to the song or whatever, but you must admit that these guys work really well together. The end product of their passion and work just leaves me breathless everytime. If they come anywhere near me in the near future, I will do whatever I can to see them perform live, that's for sure!

Wednesday, November 28, 2012

This Blog Needs MORE WHALES

And singing whales at that!

Hi everyone, I've been absent for a while, no big deal. Nothing too eventful has happened lately, though I did make really good progress this past weekend in trying new foods. I dunno if I've mentioned it or not, but I have a really hard time eating, and an even harder time eating with my friends. Not only am I a picky eater, but I am also a lazy eater. Most of the time I never finish my meal because I get "tired of chewing." It's bad, and as I've gotten older I've become more self-conscious of this "different" behavior. It's not an eating disorder or anything like that, I enjoy eating when I actually eat, and I don't have any body image issues (other than wishing I was a smidgen taller). But I worry that my behavior might seem "sickly" to others, to my friends and family.

Anyway, my friends had a [post]-Thanksgiving potluck thingy this past weekend, and I told myself I would try new foods. And I did make a sincere effort to eat the food provided. It's not too big of a deal, I guess; it's not like I finished everything on my plate, but I was proud of myself for trying.

It doesn't really matter, I guess, unless my progress and behavior hit a snag or something. Oh goodness, I hope this post didn't come off as being mentally ill or something.

Friday, November 16, 2012

Am I Learning?

I think I'm getting better at accepting the good things that have come my way lately. I can now officially say that I am in fact going to grad school in January 2013. I know, I'm still terrified out of my mind, and my feeling of terror reminded me of the mini panic attack I had in May, before I started the "summer of math" and all of the adventures I've had since then. However, the terror is made less, uhm, terrifying (forgive the unnecessary redundancy) by the fact that I am happy. I feel more confident too, confident in my intelligence and renewed hope.

There are a few minor differences this time around, regarding going back to school. The most important difference is I'm not afraid to admit that I don't know what I'm doing; I just know that I love Economics, I know what interests me in the field, and I'm just going to roll with whatever happens. Compare that to the start of my undergrad, boy was I crazy. 18-year-old Euni knew, just knew, that she was going to major in Marketing and get some fancy-schmancy job after graduation. HA. HA. HA. I do admire younger-me's passion though, and I feel like I'm regaining some of that passion and focusing it in a more positive way.

With regards to love, too, I've been struggling a bit more in accepting it for what it is. It's okay for me to love someone, and it's okay for that someone to love me back. I don't need to runaway or mask my fears with indifference. Like seriously, a really funny thing happened recently, in which God played a good-natured joke on me, just so I could realize that I didn't need to run away, but I'll relate that story another time.

Of course, being the overly cautious girl that I am, I can't say for sure that I've learned all that I needed to learn; there are still countless things for me to experience and learn from, and that is quite alright. Also, if I go through another rough patch, I'm okay with that, because I know things will always get better.

For this moment though, however brief or long it may be, I feel like my heart's in the sky, enjoying the warm sunshine in this cold weather...or like this song. Whichever image works best for y'all :)

Tuesday, November 13, 2012

This is enough to...

...make me vomit. Life, I admit, has been going quite well for me right now, so my current emotional instability is making me more upset than usual.

I'll be perfectly fine, content, and full of hope and light one moment, and as if I had a switch or something, the next moment I just feel terrible. I know people love me, I know I love myself, I know God loves me, so it's perplexing to me that I feel this way.

I begin to remember the former-love-of-my-life. I don't love him anymore, I don't even miss our friendship, but something about my past interactions with him seriously messed me up.

I'm ready to embrace new love, I want to assert my affections out loud, but I know the moment I do, the former-love-of-my-life will find some way to wedge his big nose back into my recuperating life. He's done it in the past, made sure I wouldn't forget him.

That's not my fault; if anything, it just means that there's seriously something wrong with him, not me. Craving my attention in some sick twisted way.

I don't want to lose this time. I want to win. I want to break through everything that is holding me back.

I just hope my new love is willing to bear with me while I put myself back together.

Thursday, November 8, 2012

Consolidating Lotsa Posts into One

Hi everyone! Allow me to share my usual reason/excuse for the scarce posts: I've been busy with school and work and other junk...right? Yup. But this time I'd like to add in that I was scrambling all over the place getting a few last things ready for my grad school application. And now I can finally say that everything's been turned in...and I wait, with almost-nauseous anxiety, to hear back from the university.

Anyway, rather than inundating your feeds with several new posts, I'm just gonna consolidate lotsa tiny posts into one...hence this post's title "Consolidating Lotsa Posts into One," just in case y'all couldn't make the connection, but I know y'all are very smart and awesome cookies and now I'm just rambling. Sorry. Also, I'm numbering my tiny posts with hopefully interesting mini-titles? We'll see, you can skip them if you don't think they'll be worth reading hahaha.

SUPER EDIT: I was supposed to post this LAST week, but this thing called life got in the way, in a good way though! Anyway, now I'm just briefly touching on the consolidated posts. I'm sorry I teased y'all with everything, but I'm gonna try to limit each tiny post to just a few sentences. I'm telling myself that I'll know what I'm talking about, if/when I look back on this post, but we'll see.

1. an old dear finance friend

I miss my old dear finance friend, like crazy, and I know why. I hope he's doing well in law school.

2. crazy cold efficiency mode

I adore this beautiful Fall weather (who doesn't!?), but because of the colder temperatures, my body is going into efficiency mode. Hello cold limbs.

3. lotsa

Deciding to consolidate "lotsa" posts into one brought along the memory of one of my favorite econ professors. She was awesome, super intelligent and eloquent, and she loved using the term "lotsa" when giving her lectures. I hope I can be like her when I grow up.

4. breathing

I never really gave breathing a second thought; it's an automatic and totally natural thing we all do, but when you feel someone else's breathing go along with yours, it's overwhelming. Time is measured by the flow of air, no longer mere numbers.

I PROMISE I'll share something unofficially official in the super near future, like maybe tonight or by tomorrow afternoon. I just have a few things to do to be certainly-sure that I'm not sharing a lie or whatever; if my unofficially official announcement is true-true, I'll be feeling even better than I have these past couple of days, especially regarding the point of taking all these calculus courses. WHATEVER, y'all will know soon enough! :)

P.S. How about those election results, hmmmm? More on that later!

P.P.S. What the hell, lemme just write the unofficially official news now: I've been admitted to the grad school program that I applied for. I'm totally excited, totally scared of what's next, and totally ready to get my hands dirty with Economics again. We can't full-on celebrate yet, I still have to talk with the advisor, move things around to ensure I can still work, go to yoga, and go to school without a snag, oh yeah, and to figure out if I'm getting any scholarships and financial aid........oh boy, I'm getting dizzy just thinking about all of this. But it's worth it! :D

P.P.P.S. One last thing: I'm catching up with my blog reading list, so don't think I've forgotten y'all!!! :)

Wednesday, October 24, 2012


This past weekend I had the pleasure of having one of the most colorful dreams in my entire life. I usually dream in color, but this dream was just so perfectly hued. The color that jumped out the most was green. Such a deep and rich green. And the texture was so defined and real.

Of course, I should've written about this dream a lot sooner, most of the images (except for the luscious grassy moss I was running and crawling on) have faded away. I don't even remember if I was barefoot this time---I usually am when I have those running dreams...but that green, oh goodness, I can't forget that green.

Anyway, why is this post titled "Tumbling"? I really don't know, I guess several tidbits of thoughts have been...tumbling around in my head. Like the realization that sometimes... I go through what I have deemed Dr. Jekyll & Mr. Hyde Syndrome---though I prefer the following comparison instead:

Yes, even I can admit that if I were a Disney character, I'd totally be Zazu. Crazy uptight bird.
After a bit of fun, I become this:

Ok, ok, so maybe I haven't thrown a bowling ball out the window yet...y'all should totally watch that movie by the way (Dazed and Confused) it's so good (in my opinion). Anyway, I have probably shared way too much information, so now I'm gonna edit this post, and you won't know that I did because you'll never have read the stuff I wrote first. If you can guess what I changed, good for you.

Surely I'm not the only one who goes through fun changes like this one right?

Thursday, October 18, 2012

Who Loves Jealousy?

Oh come on, we've all encountered this quaint little feeling, at some point or another. I'll be the first to admit I'm one of the most jealous people you'll ever meet. But I'm very good at hiding it.

The way I see it, it's quite alright to be jealous from time to time. I can be jealous of my current lover's female friend, how witty and cute she is, but I don't really hold anything against her. Honestly I don't even know her, and if my lover decided to one day choose her over me (if that is even a conceivable thought in his mind), I would totally understand his reasoning. She's awesome. I have a feeling that she is just like me, but with added bonuses, such as: being cute, having an affinity for dancing, and being such a sociable and friendly person.

Ok, ok, so maybe I'm not giving myself enough credit for my own attributes and awesome qualities (uhm, like explaining economics, having an amazing sense of humor, and just looking pretty good when I try hahaha), but that is not the point here tonight. The point is that I'm jealous, but I only get jealous when I meet people who are slightly more awesome than myself. (There really is no way for me to not sound like superficial monster here, is there?)

Anyway, I will rarely (if ever) mention my jealousy to my lovers, because I don't ever want him to change his friendships with others because of me. I think that's lame, and it's a total turn-off when I'm expected to cut communication with my guy friends just because my lover is a little jealous. Now don't get me wrong, I like finding out that my lover is jealous. I suspect my current lover is a little jealous, but he doesn't need to be. A rule of thumb or I guess some advice from me when it comes to the strength of my affection: if I send you a random illustration, picture, witty quote, or random word...that, my lover, means you're special, and you've got nothing to worry about. :)

I apologize, dear readers, this post is pretty crappy and dumb, isn't it? You can erase these words from your minds if you want, I wouldn't blame you!

Tuesday, October 16, 2012

National Dictionary Day

Hi everyone! Based on a previous post last week, y'all know I finally got a fancy phone that can do all sorts of things. No, I don't mean to brag about some piece of technology that with every passing day inches closer and closer to utter obsolescence, but I do want to point out that there is a very handy and awesome app for the Merriam-Webster Dictionary.

It's true. I love words. So much. I'm not always the best at using the wide range of vocabulary I possess in my head, but I do enjoy thinking about it, using these fancy words in my writing here and there. Also, when I stumble upon an unknown word, I always find the need to learn its meaning, its origin, and its evolution.

Anyway, if you have an iPhone or an Android, promptly make your way to the FREE Merriam-Webster app. You really won't regret it. There's even a "word of the day" so you can learn one new word (or remember an old word that you once learned) every single day. ALSO, it's National Dictionary Day today (in honor of Mr. Webster's birthday), so it is my pleasure to share with y' TWO FAVORITE WORDS in the whole wide world (illustrated so y'all can better understand and remember these magnificent words).

1. abscond - v. to depart secretly and hide oneself

abscond (v.)
2. pariah - n. one that is despised or rejected; outcast

pariah (n.)

Pretty cool words, right?? :)

I might be back to share a song this evening...or I might not. I'm officially on vacation as soon as we shut the office down for the day. Boy, am I ready for a vacation. I have so much stuff to work on (both for fun and because I have to), but I'm excited! And by the way, I got those definitions from my oh-so-cool dictionary app, if you couldn't have guessed haha.

Have a great day!

Thursday, October 11, 2012

On the Go?

Let's see, I'm trying to see if my fancy new phone will be a good blogging tool...if you're reading this I guess that means it's working?

Btw, I just drew this and instagrammed it hahaha.

Tuesday, October 9, 2012

Tuesday Tunesday: Flesh and Bone

Greetings, I know, it's been like forever since I've shared a music-video post...not to name any names (ahem ahem Calculus), I have been a little busy at the start of every week, and by the time I get to the end of the week I'm caught up with other (sometimes unnecessary, othertimes quite worth it) stuff. Anywayyyyyyyy, the following song really fits in with the situation I'm in, well, this mini-phase within a phase in my second decade of life, I guess.

I really love The Killers, by the way, and lately I've been listening to them all day long at work. And in the car. And as I go to bed. And in my head. To be honest, I had been going through a Mumford & Sons phase (you know, since Babel came out not too long ago), and I love them too, like a loooooooooooooot, but my previous thoughts and musings led me back to The Killers. Y'all didn't need to know this little tidbit of information, but it's okay!

I was going to share Romeo and Juliet, but I couldn't find a decent version online, and also because it was too much of a potential foreshadowing on my part. (I'll share this much about it: I'd heard the song before, but I pretended I had never heard it when I was in the car with my friend, just so he could give me his interpretation of it...)

Anyway, till next time!

Friday, October 5, 2012


As y'all know, I had been thinking about dumb stuff earlier this week, and though my thoughts got a little healthier and more positive, I began to grasp just how small we all really are.

We're tiny, you know. I am me. In my room, in my home, in my apartment complex, in my neighborhood, in my city, in my county, etc. etc. There are people above me, people below me. Next to me. Beside me. I drive with so many different strangers on a daily basis, and we might never ever speak words to each other. I might appear in random dreams here and there, as a random person in the background, a familiar face yet so unknown.

Today I learned that seashells are merely skeleton remains of mollusks that, well, once lived. Like seriously, do you know how many mollusks must die every day for us to so casually encounter countless shells on the shore? Remember Coney Island? So many shells. So many small remains. At least some shells are still useful for living creatures, like hermit crabs or whatever. Or for those looking for supposedly aesthetically pleasing and natural souvenirs.

We step on these shells, never giving them a second thought.

We are small. Imagine how much smaller we'd be if we were mollusks. I recently read an article arguing that we are made of so many tiny tiny particles, that we are very complex organisms. My sister once quipped that we are actually made of dead star particles. I like that idea...

Yes, I am small, but it's okay. I like this sliver of space I take up in the universe. I like to think that my existence is worth something, a necessary and essential part that makes the universe continue. And that those I love exist for the same reason.

In all my thoughts and wanderings, I think it's time to share a tiny whale picture:

(courtesy of su-ami)
Dear readers, I like y'all by the way. Have a good weekend my dears. :)

Wednesday, October 3, 2012

On Second Thought, I Change My Mind

It's true, I've been thinking about the same thing over and over again all week. I had made plans to meet with a very special friend, but because of internal tensions back home, I had to cancel on him. I didn't want to cancel or anything, but I also didn't want to upset the current still-unstable ceasefire at home. (That's a looooooooong story, but I won't divulge those details anytime soon, definitely not today.)

Oh sure, I apologized via text (we never really talk on the phone...who uses cell phones to talk anyway, right?) but received no response, which usually doesn't matter to me, you know, but I dunno why it bothered me this time around.
This is how bothered I my mind.

Yup, I was fretting about it, which is totally annoying; I don't like it when people feel sad about this sort of stuff, so imagine how angry I become at myself when I do this. I felt guilty about cancelling plans, I felt guilty about feeling sad, I felt angry for being sad, and I felt angry for feeling angry at being sad!!!!! It never ends with me, you know, once I start feeling "bad things" it just gets worse and worse and





Aaaaaaaaand, if you've read any of my posts relating to heart break, sadness, or any of that gushy love stuff, then you would know the worst of the worst possible feelings and thoughts that could appear in my poor poor mind and mess me up (emotionally) completely. Yup, I remembered those feelings of rejection from the former-love-of-my-love. GAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAH.

It's gross, I know. So I spiraled down and down until I started listening to sad songs that made things even worse. I didn't want to eat. I didn't want to do my hair. I didn't want to study. I didn't want to watch tv. I just wanted to stand, look off into space, and wallow in my cave of sadness.

But then...

God said, (this seems like the logical thing he would say, in my opinion), "Hey, that Euni girl has had a tough time lately. Maybe, maybe, I could bring in that beautiful Fall weather she loves so much a little sooner than expected?"

And that's what happened. The sky is once again that deep, neverending shade of pristine and true blue. A gentle cooling breeze playfully sways the trees around every so often. I hungrily breathe in the crisp air, fill up my lungs and sigh. I could seriously just sit outside all day long, alone, at peace. This natural beauty is briefly overwhelming, but truly something that keeps me going.

That little knot in my throat and heart, you know, that "heartachy" one, is still there, but I don't care anymore. There are so many beautiful and happy things out there that make me realize I shouldn't let feeling "bad things" get in my way.

Wednesday, September 26, 2012

Tidbits Tackles: Socioeconomic Tension and Income Inequality, Pt. 1

Hi everybody, you might be wondering (of course y'all have!): why hasn't Euni posted anything more about the upcoming presidential election? Why hasn't she ranted about the economy and the U.S. political structure?

Fear not, my friends, I've been thinking about all the stuff that's been going on for the past year. I just don't want to fight or come off as belligerent in my argument. I've been reading a lot of Paul Krugman and Jared Bernstein in particular, as well as paying attention to the news, reading articles and posts that seem interesting and relate to all this...STUFF.

It's all very overwhelming, to be honest. Sure, I care about the economy and anything that happens to it (duh, I'm an economics student), but I seriously can't remember when I became so "involved" in political discussions. Take it with a grain of salt, I am not super-involved (though I wouldn't mind it): I'm not a part of some grassroots organization that tries to spread the word about any politician or whatever. However, I believe it is my civic duty and responsibility to educate those around me with the facts. One of my strengths, I will admit to this one strength alone, is that I can teach. I strive to learn the material/subject first, and then I find a way to explain it in simple and easy-to-understand terms to those who care to listen. I'm proud to say that I've been able to keep my mother informed about current events because of this strength, and I've even ventured in discussing economics with my little cousins (6 and 7 years old)...

ANYWAY, I've gone out on a tangent long enough, let me get to the point of this post. I posit this question (or maybe a few questions actually):

Fifty years from now, when our grandchildren(?) learn about this "Great Recession" and the 2008 & 2012 elections, how will they look at us?

Will they argue that there were some racial undertones related to the tension and disdainful outrage against President Obama?

Will they argue that income inequality was at the root of the clash between political parties? Of social classes? Of age gaps?

Will they even care about these times we are now living, or will our history books try to gloss over this turbulent time period?

I intend to do some research and share my answers and conclusion to the questions I've asked. Frankly, I do believe income inequality has a lot to do with today's tension, and the idea and (dare I say it?) disillusion that our chosen leaders (e.g. Congress, state, local governments, etc.) are indifferent to our needs and would rather help themselves first.

I may sound cynical or depressed when it comes to our government, but I am full of hope that while we are living during a socioeconomic revolution of sorts, there will emerge a number of people who are bright, passionate, and who care about their nation, not just themselves.

If this type of posting/writing is not "your cup of tea," it's quite alright. You don't have to agree with me, but if you want to bring your arguments forward, please be advised that I expect facts and evidence to back up your claims.

Tuesday, September 25, 2012

Another Teeny Tiny Update

Wow it's Monday night (well, in less than half an hour it'll be Tuesday in good old Texas), and guess what? I had the funniest thing happen to me.

Well, it's not funny, and I don't like bringing this up too much because it makes me feel like I'm craving attention or whatever, when I just wanna share this story because it's strange and rare...So basically, I have class on Mondays and Wednesdays, in the evening, so my usual schedule for those days is: work, yoga, school, cereal (for dinner). Well, Monday went by alright and good, then Wednesday came around. Work, yoga, bug bite?, school, cereal. Yes, bug bite. Bug bite? Whatever, bug bites are no big deal, right? WRONG. On my short walking route to school, I felt a slight pinch on my right ankle. It must be a small piece of tree/wood or a rock that just hit my ankle, I thought, I'll check it out once I'm inside the building.

I make it inside, and guess what? It was neither woodpiece nor rock. A small circular black bulge was stuck to my right ankle. As I looked more closely at it, I realized it was a bug (an unknown type of bug at that!), and I compulsorily flicked the little monster away. No second thoughts on it whatsoever...until I got to class and realized that the bug had left a very red and puffy mark. That's when I thought of the possibility of a tick. Could a tick have attached itself to my poor ankle and stolen some of my blood?? I couldn't focus in class because I kept thinking about ticks and Lyme disease and that bullseye mark that shows up when a tick bites you.

I calmed myself down and decided the bug bite would die down and disappear by morning. ONLY NOT. In fact, not only had the bug bite become redder and puffier, but the reaction had spread throughout the top of my right foot and above my ankle too! It was a horrid sight. My right leg looked bigger than my left leg, and I was NOT cool with it.

But still, I convinced myself that it was probably nothing, and that if my foot wasn't better by Friday morning, I would go to a doctor. Hahaha, right. When I got home, my mother noticed the mutant foot, and by the time we picked up my younger sister from school, we headed straight for the emergency room.

I've visited the ER lots of times before, but never as a patient haha. I was terrified. And of course, it was busy at that time of night, so my mutant foot was last on the list of important patients (I guess strokes and broken bones are more important?). While waiting, and when finally taken to one of the exam rooms, I had the pleasure of being some sort of morbid entertainment for a couple of nurses, who marveled at the sight of my mutant foot. After another hour of waiting, the assigned doctor came in, prodded the mutant foot, and said blood would have to be drawn, to make sure there wasn't infection. One of the nurses from the earlier entertainment session came in to take my blood, five test tubes in all, all while calling me "pumpkin" and "sweetie."

Long story short (sort of), we waited another hour, doctor came back in and said the tests came back normal, but to be on the safe side he would prescribe some antibiotics. I assumed that since there was no mention of Lyme disease, there was no risk of it happening at all. We got the prescription and left by 2 in the morning.

Later during that Friday morning, I decided to do research on the antibiotics I had been prescribed, and GUESS WHAT? That antibiotic is used to fight LYME DISEASE! It was a flabbergasted moment for me: of all the people in the world, of all the things that can happen to us, I was at risk of Lyme disease! I started laughing; I felt like those people on those Mystery Diagnosis shows.

Anyway, I know I can't say with 100% certainty that it was a tick that bit me last Wednesday, or that I do in fact have Lyme disease, but like the doctor said, just to be on the safe side, I'm taking those antibiotics. I do however wish that he could've mentioned it, you know? He could've been like, "So, uhhh, the blood tests came back normal, which is good, but your description of the bug and your mutant foot's reaction leads us to believe that you could contract Lyme disease. It's a very minimal chance, but just to be on the safe side, I'm gonna prescribe these antibiotics." See how much calmer I would have been?

Oh well, my foot's better now and I can't wait to use it in all its capabilities once more! Hello yoga and hello social life! :)

Wednesday, September 19, 2012

This Is Only a Test, Right?

It is a test, a test to see if I've become a better least, that's how I choose to interpret it.

My last post might have seemed a little down and melancholy, but fear not, I am in the process of getting back in the flow of things. I had to take a step back and really think about the goings-on. (I guess I should say what happened, I really don't care if certain people directly concerned with this event read this: what of it? I have the liberty to write what I want.) Long story short, the former-love-of-my-life just announced his engagement on Sunday. You might recall, if you've gone through my posts from last Fall, (particularly this post), he found a new love and I was left with a broken heart but a new vision of sorts. A few things about this new girl irked me: she has one eye smaller than the other, and among other things, she's an accountant. (Don't even get me started on why I don't like accountants...)

Anyway, I scolded myself for hating on this girl, I mean, come on Euni, you don't even know her! She might be the nicest and coolest girl ever, if I didn't know the former-love-of-my-life, we might have even been the bestest of friends! (Yeah, I don't think so.)

ANYWAY, I had to really think about what was going on in my life. This bit of engagement news was not really about my still being in love with him, but rather a wound to my ego, my pride. I mean, really?? I'm not the prettiest girl in the world (far from it!), but I'm (superficial I know) definitely easier on the eyes than her. Also, I'm sarcastic and enjoy very dry humor. And I'm an economist, I don't dwell on just nominal subjects (in the field and in life). And we did have some pretty great and memorable conversations (about all kinds of things). But whatever, I remembered how he sometimes underestimated me, my intellectual, emotional, and physical abilities. Ultimately, I do not want to live life with someone who constantly underestimates me.

And you know what? I have had the pleasure of meeting a pretty amazing guy, and while we are busy with our own things and we don't always agree about what music is better and why, he always succeeds in making me smile (if not laugh). I don't know and don't care what happens to us, but I'm just enjoying everything that comes our way.

So yes, this engagement is a test. Just a little blip and distraction from what I really care about in life. I think I pass this test, don't you agree?

Monday, September 17, 2012


All I have to say about the news I recently received regarding the former-love-of-my-life is that I feel temporarily broken.

Surely I'll feel fine by the end of the week. But it's kind of crazy that just this Friday, when I was talking about my current love philosophy I summarized my efforts (or lack thereof) in the following way:

If I had truly fought for my love and gave it my all but still lost the love-of-my-life, why should I even try or bother in keeping this new love (if that's what it is) alive and growing?

I'm gonna need to run a lot to feel better. And avoid sad songs. And avoid remembering the things we did.

I'll revisit teenytinytidbits later on this Monday, though most likely Tuesday due to my yoga/school schedule. 

Sunday, September 9, 2012

Dreamin' Dancin'

It's been two or so weeks...?...since I last wrote. Do I feel terrible about it? Just a little, but I've been transitioning to Fall-mode, and that means lots and lots of daydreams, singing, humming, driving, and apparently, also dancing.

Ha, not in real life in public...yet. But dancing has begun to creep into my dreams as of late. Allow me to share the weirdest dream I've had this year:

So I'm walking around with some family, headed to a public library (which as far as I know, does not exist), and blah blah blah---this part's not too important---the POINT is, leaving the library, we're walking towards our car (which is not a car we have), when I see a ruffian in a hooded robe coming closer and closer to us. My first thoughts: hmm, is it Halloween already? Let's pretend we're not scared by his hooded attire and walk away. But then...I see this miscreant pull out a crowbar and start trying to break into our car! I became upset and started running at him, ready to attack. It's at this moment that I realize I'm wearing heels but I try to ignore this little detail. The miscreant looks intimidated, drops the crowbar, and starts running away. I yell out "Yeah bastard, you better run away!" but this is a bad choice on my part, because he heads back our way. The miscreant booms "YOU WANNA FIGHT?" To which I say, "Yeah let's fight!...DANCE FIGHT!"

It's at this moment that I break out in some awkward and probably really dumb (even for dream standards) dance. And I'm humming my own beat to get some rhythm flowing. I finish my dance and then it's the miscreant's turn. He breaks out his own routine. Meanwhile, my mind is concocting a way to distract him from hurting us, and when he finishes, I say, "See? You are good at something!" And then I wake up.

This is how I felt in my dream...(source via)
But that's not all. Right before I woke up this morning, I recall the following:

I'm in my childhood home, in the kitchen, and I tell my younger sister to video record me while I twirl around in the air like some sort of ballerina. She obeys and when I'm done twirling, I see the recording. I'm like a magical twirler, because I seriously propel myself in the air and stay afloat twirling for what seems a really long time. Then my grandmother (who is a very small woman) does it too!! And all I can say to myself is "Wow, must be genetic!"

Yup, now I feel like dancing. Anything really, even though I'm a terrible dancer...though I will admit, when I consciously fully decide to dance ridiculously, that's when everyone else think I'm doing a good job. Whatever, it still feels weird to me!

Tuesday, August 28, 2012

Tuesday Tunesday: Wanted Dead or Alive

Happy Tuesday Tunesday! Yesterday was the start of a seemingly busy semester (or, next three months of my life), so I completely neglected Music Monday. While a little disappointing, it wasn't neglected in vain, I hope: both my younger sister and I started classes again, and since she doesn't have her own car yet, I get drive her to school before heading to work. Then I work the full eight hours or whatever, drive to yoga, and from there finish the evening with more Calculus. Basically, I'm away from home from 7 AM to 10ish PM. WOOHOO. The good thing is that this is the schedule for just Mondays and Wednesdays, roughly for the next three-and-a-half months.

Anyway, two things that ended up relating to each other: y'all know about that crab fishing show on the Discovery Channel, Deadliest Catch, right? Of course you do. I loved watching the first few seasons, but frankly after Captain Phil (of the Cornelia Marie, my favorite vessel?) died, I lost almost all interest in the series. Kinda sad, really. The song below, which until this past Sunday was nameless to me, is the intro theme song to this beloved series. And on a semi-related (well, really related) note, through Google's magical powers I found out what this song was called and who sang (sings) it (my research caused by my rather juice of course...-nature). Behold, Bon Jovi's Wanted Dead or Alive.

On one last unrelated (?) note, when I awoke on Sunday morning, I noticed two perfectly aligned and small bruises just above my right knee...I wonder how they got there...

Sunday, August 26, 2012


A few things before I get into the main story...first, the weather has been magnificently lovely---quite unusual since it is still August (and this month is usually the peak of the summer heat). Second, I don't think I'm allergic to celery. Third, and this is a really BIG deal: I ate watermelon for the first time in over a decade. A decade!

What's the big deal about watermelon, you ask? I'm a super picky eater, in case y'all couldn't figure that out (it's not much of a surprise if you ask me), and frankly, I do not appreciate the texture of watermelon. And all those seeds. Even when my mom would buy the seedless kind, I ALWAYS managed to find a seed. And eating watermelon is just too messy to be worth it, you know...Anyway, these past couple of years I've been taking baby steps in broadening my "approved foods list," and now I can say that watermelon isn't so bad after all...but only in small quantities, and I must have a good (i.e. great for cutting small pieces of watermelon into even smaller pieces) fork while eating this semi-approved fruit. I must say, there is something charismatic about watermelon...I dunno why.

That's what I imagine a charismatic watermelon would say.

Anyway, honestly I've been really rebellious with my writing duties lately, and i have dragged this poor old post for too long. This should have posted last Tuesday, but I just kept procrastinating, getting on Pinterest, clicking the "random" button on marriedtothesea, and reading a bit of Economics stuff. Now it's Sunday and I've forgotten the real point of this post: it's not really as exciting as it was when it happened. THE MAIN STORY: I made really strong hazelnut coffee at work and drank quite a bit of it. Consequently, I felt like I had become hazelnuts. I felt like Nutella.

I know...definitely not as a great a story as it would've been had I written about this sooner. My apologies. Enjoy my latest Pinterest find instead, I might have shared this with a few people beforehand, but it's just too odd not to share it with the rest of y'all.

Monday, August 20, 2012

Music Monday: Ready, Able

It's Monday, my dears, and as I mentioned in an earlier post today, I now have a Music Monday post to share with y'all. Something kind of dreamy and laid-back, courtesy of Grizzly Bear, to set the mood for the rest of the week. It's hard to believe my sister is starting her second year of undergrad next Monday---we're getting to be soooooo old. Not that it's a bad thing, I'm rather enjoying my age at this point in time. :)

Anyway, enjoy. The music video, by the way, is quite something, no?

P.S. I just have this week to enjoy before the Math adventures begin again...wooohooo.


xkcd: A Hypochrondiac's Nightmare

Happy Monday to all! This is a short "in the meantime" post; I will definitely try to post my regular Music Monday post later this evening, if time allows me to! Just a quick thing I wanted to share with the world...

Am I in love or am I just suffering from some heart murmur or palpitations?

Or could it just be a semi-allergic reaction to celery juice???

Also, did xkcd intentionally misspell "hypochrondiac"??

A few questions that I might never know the answers to I guess...see ya later!

Tuesday, August 14, 2012

Tuesday Tunesday (Music Monday Proxy): I Will Wait

It's Tuesday, and I'm kind of floating around, not exactly lost, but just kinda there. I'm not making a lot of sense these days, but I just have carry on through this weird moment. I've been meaning to share the following Mumford & Sons song for a while now, but I didn't get a chance to do so last week...soooooo here you go!

Their new album Babel is set to go out on September 24th, so of course I'm looking forward to it! :) Enjoy.

Sunday, August 12, 2012

Tiny Rock Story

Hi everyone, I know it's been a while, but I'm back for good now that my summer semester is over! :) It was great---I took my fourth unit exam last Tuesday and the final on Thursday, and quite frankly I did very well in both (more so in the final than on the fourth, but whatever, the class is over!!!).

Anyway, when I got home Thursday night after the final, I didn't know what to do. For the past couple of months I had been focusing mainly on math math math, and quite abruptly, there was no need for me to go to "mymathlab" or the course website to work on homework and study. I was...



That's totally how I feel right now. ANYWAY, the point of this post is a true story that happened just the other day, I think it was either Monday or Wednesday, on my way home from work.

~~~So yeah, I'm driving home, and there's something y'all should know about me before I continue with this story. I try to go as long as possible without turning on the A/C (during the warm seasons) or the heater (during the cold seasons) in my car. Well, when I have passengers I usually take them into consideration and will turn the A/C (for example) up to the first level, you know, that first "click" that the air knobby thing makes...If I really like the person(s), I'll even turn it up to the second or third "click" just so I know he/they won't be suffering too much...

Alright, so on this particular evening, I was nearing the end of my daily evening commute, for some reason, I had my window down all the way, enjoying the beautiful (unusually unseasonably cool) weather, and I was all "lalalalala" singing along with the music on the radio...when it happened.

Some tiny rock came flying into the car and hit me in the chin. Then disappeared somewhere on the car floor. Out of nowhere, like seriously, it wasn't like this rock flew in because of some other car driving by and propelling it in my direction. It just decided to alter my usual daydreaming and reverie.

Why hello, tiny rock. I hope you enjoy your stay in my car before I thoroughly clean the poor thing.~~~

By the way, if I find the tiny rascal, I'll be sure to take a picture and share. Also, every time I start falling in love again, I remember how good it feels to be at the start (or beginning) of things. I think this little adventure is going to be a really wonderful and meaningful one. ♥

Saturday, August 4, 2012

Demand Equation and Other Stuff

This upcoming week is it: the last two exams for my Calculus class! :) :) :) I am definitely ready to finish my FINAL exam, turn it in, and then say, "Take that Professor, I'm glad to be done with your pathetic class and may I give you a word of advice?? LEARN WHAT A [price] DEMAND EQUATION IS AND HOW TO EXPLAIN IT PROPERLY!!!"

Ok, maybe I'll wait to say that AFTER I receive my final grade, but honestly, I knew this poor-excuse-for-a-professor was no good the minute he lashed out at another student for not knowing how to derive the demand equation from just having the given price and quantity. And then he himself did not know how to explain it! Now, maybe I'm a bit quick to judge him, I did graduate with a degree in Economics and am studying math precisely to get into grad school to pursue my master's in this field, but come on! I felt so bad for that student after the professor finished "explaining" how to derive the demand equation, and I did jump in to more eloquently explain the process and a basic meaning of what the demand equation means...though in the end, that student wasn't (and isn't) really bright (he managed to anger the professor again in our last class while working a problem on the whiteboard), so nothing could save him with regards to that!

Anyway, in case anyone was wondering, I'm not dead; very much alive actually. Just finishing up my stuff, you know! :) I might be back tomorrow, but if not, I'll definitely try to share my Music Monday post on, well, you know, Monday...

Give these guys a listen btw...(^_^)

Monday, July 30, 2012

Music Monday: Turn On Me

Hi everybody! :) I apologize for missing last week's Music Monday, but you know how it is...I'm in the final countdown with my SUMMER OF MATH, and last week in particular I was drowning in antiderivatives and other anti-fun Calculus concepts. Oh, alright, it's not all anti-fun, but I'm really at my wits' end here. If anyone wants to talk with me about antiderivatives and stuff, I'd be happy to share my rudimentary knowledge! Riiiiiiiiiiight...

Anyway, the following song has been playing in my head and dreams for the past week or so, which obviously gives me a valid enough reason to share it with you all. Enjoy.

Tuesday, July 24, 2012

Awesome Summer Blog Swap!

Greetings, Tidbits readers!

As y'all might notice on the right sidebar, I am a member of 20 Something Bloggers, an (you guessed it) online community for bloggers who are in their twenties. Anyway, through this awesome community, I had the pleasure of swapping blogs with this pretty cool girl, Domino J, who has her own blog at I AM ME, with this summer's theme being our most memorable childhood vacation. Enjoy her amazing post below, (and if y'all wanna read mine, y'all can visit her blog over here!)

As a child my summers were spent on the road. My mom was never one to take a plane, so wherever we went, she drove. We have been to New York, Florida, Illinois, Texas, Georgia, North Carolina, Virginia, and DC, all by car. We were always going somewhere for a family reunion but most of the time it was to visit my sisters. One of them was in the military and the other was married to a man in the Navy. So they both were stationed in different states. I can remember when my middle sister’s husband graduated from Navy basic training. His graduation was in a place not far from Chicago, Illinois. I was about ten years old and I can remember I was so excited because it was my first trip there. We stayed in this nice hotel by the water. I also had my first summer love and kiss there. It was my first look at boys (without the cooties).Ha!

After he graduated, they moved to various parts of VA. I actually stayed for the two months of summer vacation and it was the first time I had spent a full summer away from my mother. My mom raised me as a single parent so I was used to spending one month in GA with my dad. But I was a mommy’s girl and loved to be around my mother so it was very hard for me. After VA, they moved to Key West, FL. By this time I was fifteen, had already gotten my permit, and was ready for the road. This was my first long distance trip, where I actually got to drive. I was so excited; I ended up driving 11 hours of the 13-hour drive. It was beautiful. If you’re not familiar with the Florida Keys, they are a series of 5 islands, and Key West is at the southernmost tip of FL. Only 150 miles (a mere two hours) away from Cuba, it’s the last stop.

My most memorable trip was to San Antonio, Texas. I was about 7 or 8 years old and my oldest sister was graduating from the Air Force. She left after finishing high school. She had been gone for about 7 months (the longest she was away from home) and we missed her so much. We made that 2 ½ day ride through 5 different states and 2 time zones to get my sister. When we first arrived on base, we weren’t allowed to see her. So we just took our seats, a little disappointed, and waited for the ceremony to begin. I can remember it being a long drawn out presentation and I can’t remember what I did to occupy my time (I probably fell asleep). I just remember when they were about to start calling names and they asked the troops to stand up. I was the first one to spot my sister as she waited to be called. I told my mom and all we could do was yell her name, we were so excited to see her. She looked up and smiled at us with tears running down her face. It was a very emotional moment. The ceremony began, with my sister being in the beginning with her last name being Archie. She cried the whole time. After the event, we went to the famous Boardwalk of San Antoine, where we rode on the boat. Here we are all in this picture. (Front to back, left to right) My niece, me, my mom, my oldest sister’s bf at the time, my oldest sister, my middle sister’s bf at the time, my middle sister and her daughter.

Still to this day, I have a love for the road like no other. I guess this is how it all started.

A special thanks goes out to Domino J for this awesome post and for being an awesome blogger to meet and work with!!! :D

Friday, July 20, 2012

Mints vs Chocolates

"Really good chocolates."

A verbal exchange between two children, aged 5 and 10 years old, and three adults:

5-year-old: Why can't I have a mint? I won't choke on it!

Mother: Yes you will, you know you're not allowed to eat mints until you're 6 years old. (then tells the two other adults) We have a rule at our house---you can't eat mints until you're 6.

Other adults: Oh yes, that's a great idea (murmured in agreement).

{5-year-old pouts.}

Lady adult: Hey, you got chocolates earlier today anyway! And they were really good chocolates too!

Guy adult: Oh yeah, and lemme tell you, chocolates are way better than mints. Like two times better than mints.

10-year-old: Nuh-uhhhh, more like ten times better than mints. So lemme get ten mints now {starts counting out mints from the mint bowl at work} One, two, three

Adults (altogether): BAHAHAHAHA

Needless to say, I think the 5-year-old got over it, and the 10-year-old got to show his snappy cleverness. I sometimes wonder: how come my parents never paid attention to all the witty things 5-year-old Euni would say? I'm sure I'd have a book-full of notable quotes and witty bon mots....surely I would.

Happy Friday! :)

Wednesday, July 18, 2012


So maybe I've been studying a little too hard. Y'all might have noticed it through my negligent writing, my lack of free time, blah blah blah (I sometimes fear that I'm writing too much about the same stuff, but I guess it's because it all has been taking over my life, oh well!)

Anyway, in case there was any doubt, I shall share a dream I had right before I woke up to get ready for work yesterday morning. I just had an exam over this thing called IMPLICIT DIFFERENTIATION, which is basically (in lame-Euni-non-math terms) taking the derivative of a function with respect to a specified variable (like "take the derivative with respect to x" or whatever)---y'all should probably just google this term if you really care about this subject, but anyway, the point is implicit differentiation had been in my mind throughout the day and night.

So, right before I woke up for-real-for-real (i.e. actually opened my eyes and felt fresh and fully awake), I had this dream. I could see an equation in the far off distance. And it was quite LARGE, as in, the "x" component in the function was as tall as me (5 feet 2-3/4 inches). As I got closer to this function, I realized that my morning alarm was on, but it sounded so small and light! I had to climb on the "e" component to reach for the alarm, which was located in the exponent. The function, by the way, is below...I added the good old whale wallpaper to make it more exciting:

This function, I think, was actually in one of my homework problems.
Anyway, by the time I reached the "t" I was fully awake. Have y'all had any weird dreams lately? Feel free to share them! :)

Monday, July 16, 2012

Music Monday: Never Had Nobody Like You

The only times I tolerate double negatives (well in this case, triple negatives) are when I'm using them colloquially for dramatic effect, or when I listen to this song by M. Ward. Orrrrr, when I'm feeling lovely. Enjoy :)

Saturday, July 14, 2012


It's Saturday afternoon, that moment of the day that is borderline schizophrenic. Do I decide to waste away the rest of the day, being lazy and working on calculus homework, brooding on rather trifling yet seemingly important thoughts and emotions? Or do I choose instead to laugh it all off and explore the rest of what Saturday has in store for me?

I think today I'll choose the latter. Even though I'm pretty tired. This summer seems to be the most sun-filled season of my entire life. I haven't ridden my bike in a couple of weeks, but it's because I'm rarely home long enough to rest up and go out to the park/trails. With calculus and yoga filling up my evenings after work, the only purpose my home seems to have is to provide a place for sleep. Saturday mornings start with yoga too, and then a quick breakfast before we go to the park with the little cousins. The familiar semi-nostalgic smell of sunblock on our skins, the increasingly warm embrace of the sun greeting our faces, we smile, carefree and young, in return.

We don't take pictures. We don't record our memories with videos. All I have to show for this summer-long adventure are scars and freckles. I like that.

Wednesday, July 11, 2012


What's my favorite scene ever from Toy Story, you ask? Ok, maybe y'all don't care, but if you are in fact wondering...this is my favorite scene EVER in the entire history of Toy Story movies. Enjoy:

A toy shark pretending to be Woody??? No other character can top his awesomeness...or should I say...JAW-esomeness????? Ok, I'm almost finished here with the terrible plays on words...but I have one more thing to share (I was almost only going to share this with ONE lovely human, but since it brings so much joy to me whenever I see it, I just have to share this with anyone who might stumble upon this teenytinytidbit post!)

Whoever created this: YOU ARE AWESOME.
 A special thanks goes out to my younger sister: she knows how much I love this scene and how much I like to pretend to be the shark pretending to be Woody at random times in random places; her googling skills are amazing---she can find ANYTHING.

Here's to hoping y'all have Toy Story in some way or other run through your minds today! :)

P.S. I guess I'm starting my "Favorite Things" segment early this year? Unintentionally, I guess!

Tuesday, July 10, 2012

Tuesday Tunesday (Proxy Music Monday): Runaways

Ok, so you guys know why I've been negligent in my blogging as of late (school and junk and stuff like that), but I think...NO, I is a PERFECT day to be this week's Music Monday proxy. Behold, The Killers' newest single, Runaways.

Love it, hate it, I don't really care. I'm glad they're back :)


Sunday, July 8, 2012

Best July EVER ( far)

Happy July greetings to all!

I know we've only gone through like one full week of July, but man, has it been good to me. In the span of one week I did the following: signed up for yoga classes again, got a 100 on my latest Calculus exam, and got to drive around a few times by the end of the week (oh, and of course on the 4th of July as well). AND, I successfully drew a brontosaurus (long-neck herbivorous dinosaur) on green felt.

Anyway, enjoy the following pictures, as I do have a few new posts coming up in the next few days/week. I found these whale treasures, by the way, in the ONE DOLLAR SECTION at SuperTarget. (How does Target know that I love whales?)

Whale basket. Needs no purpose other than to be adorable.

I couldn't help myself. I bought ALL the $1 whales they had.

Oh yes, wirrow makes me oh so happy. Go check out his tumblr. So whimsical, nostalgic, and just plain CUTE.


MY FELT DINOSAUR. Don't know what I'm gonna do with it yet! :)

Friday, June 29, 2012

lemme just listen to this song instead

Source: via Euni on Pinterest

I was going to write about a rather abrupt ending to something weird and awkward, but I would prefer not to after all. I don't even want to dignify this short-lived whatever-thing with a post. Not when it unnecessarily started and ended just like that. Let's just say that I hope nothing further happens with regards to this thing, and that I can enjoy my next adventure...honestly, I don't know what's gonna happen next, but you know what? It's okay!

An update on the whole bike riding thing: I'm actually doing fairly well! Learning how to ride a bicycle isn't as hard as I thought it would be...Granted, it did take me about 5 days to learn how to stay balanced and actually continue to pedal, but it feels great! I still need to learn how to stay in a straight line, but I have the rest of summer to master that! I hope y'all have a great weekend! :)

Monday, June 25, 2012

Music Monday: Breathing Underwater

Happy Music Monday [evening] to all! I can't believe I haven't purchased Metric's new album Synthetica...I really must do that within the week! It's kind of lovely and refreshing to get some new stuff from this awesome band...their last album, Fantasies, meant a lot to me (two years ago), and now that I am perfectly contently alright, it feels like Metric has joined me in the next phase of my life. Anyway, I haven't gotten a chance to listen to the entire album, but I gotta say, Breathing Underwater has instantly become my favorite. Enjoy :)

Saturday, June 23, 2012

In the Meantime...

I had been straining my brain trying to figure out the name of this song...I FINALLY FOUND IT! (I Can't Wait by Nu Shooz, fyi.)

Wednesday, June 20, 2012

Negligence, or Sparse Blogging Apology

Uhm....HAIIIIIIII EVERYONEEEEE...I feel terrible for being a well, terrible person and not taking the time to write and share all of my oh-so-wonderful-only-kinda-not-wonderful stories with you all.


Overwhelmed not because I feel I have to write for you guys specifically, but rather because I love to write, and the fact that I'm not doing what I like just makes me feel like a bad person. I've neglected the storytelling section of my brain and that makes me sad. Do y'all wanna know why I've been away?

Calculus. Damn you Calculus. Slowly creeping into my life through the classes and homework assignments, then invading my quotidian (usually reserved for daydreaming) thoughts, and then...and then, Calculus had the AUDACITY to completely destroy the sanctity of my bedtime slumber.

Yes. Oh yes, I had math nightmares. Four nights in a row. Recurring. Trying to find derivatives and writing out the solutions step-by-step.
Accept this MS Paint drawing as a form of apology. PLEASE!?

Anyway, since the start of the SUMMER OF MATH, I've been a little caught up with studying and whatnot, and for that very exact reason, I have been unable to write as often as I would have liked to. That, and work has been a little busier, which is perfectly alright, I think.

Anyway, I sadly missed this week's Music Monday, but I'll make up for it, I promise. I'm currently working on a really cool post about something I saw today, in particular, so it should *should* be a really enjoyable read. Till then, I hope y'all are having a great week! :)

Monday, June 11, 2012

The Suburbs

Happy Music Monday! I apologize for my disappearance from teenytinytidbits; I would've written more---actually, I had planned on finally sharing my birthday-goings-on and my blurry (but nonetheless kinda cool because I can still remember fondly) pictures from the Death Cab For Cutie concert...but anyway, I never should plan things because they never turn out the way I expect them to.

Anyway, today, I'm dedicating this Music Monday to a very special, kinda creepy but pretty cool (overall) guy who I briefly loved. It's one of those ephemeral feelings, no one ever finds out about them, and then I forget about those feelings and remember them two years later. Two summers ago I was pretty crazy, but it was all good fun. While I was falling deeper and deeper into my the bottomless pit that was my "interaction/relationship" with the former-love-of-my-life, I was also talking with a few other young fellows, who eventually didn't make the cut...let's just say that this creepy but cool (overall) guy has become a still creepy but still cool (overall) friend.

So here you go, creepy but cool (overall) guy, if you happen to read this today: by Arcade Fire, The Suburbs. ;)

Monday, June 4, 2012

Music Monday: Mountain Sound

Happy Music Monday!!!

I'm ready to travel a bit, how about y'all?? :) :) :)

I heard about Of Monsters and Men when the local radio station played "Little Talks." I took a liking to that song and decided to listen to their album. Immediately fell in love with it, purchased it, and have been listening to it non-stop. Personally, today's Music Monday song is my favorite. Enjoy :)

Thursday, May 31, 2012

The Ballad of Mr. Buggy

The Ballad of Mr. Buggy

Got in a stranger's car
Needed to get away from my hometown
Didn't know where this car was headin'

Mr. Buggyyyyyyyyy
Gonna take a riiiiiiiiiiiide
Of a lifetiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiime

Lost in midnight's darkness
No way out of this forgotten 'mobile
No goin' back, no way no how

Mr. Buggyyyyyyyyy
Gonna take a riiiiiiiiiiiide
Of a lifetiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiime

It's a-thunderin' hard
Confessin' my last small sins to the world
Scared froze'--preparin' to meet death

Mr. Buggyyyyyyyyy
Gonna take a riiiiiiiiiiiide
Of a lifetiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiime

~~~The sun awakes me~~~
~~~Life shines upon me~~~
~~~My journey goes on!~~~

Mr. Buggyyyyyyyyy
Gonna take a riiiiiiiiiiiide
Of a lifetiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiime

Must be on a spaceship
'cos ev'ryone looks like a blur to me
Gotta enjoy this while I can

Mr. Buggyyyyyyyyy
Gonna take a riiiiiiiiiiiide
Of a lifetiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiime

A sudden turn, that's all
"Why we stoppin'?" I ask from a distance
"That's it, Buggy, end of the ride!"

~~~I look around, windin' down~~~
~~~Look how far I've travelled~~~
~~~Time to start a-new my dears~~~

Mr. Buggyyyyyyyyy
Gonna take a riiiiiiiiiiiide
Of a lifetiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiime

I want to dedicate The Ballad of Mr. Buggy to my older sister, who unknowingly had a stowaway bug in her car. Oh, and of course, this is dedicated to the star of this ballad, Mr. Buggy.

Mr. Buggy on the window.

"Nice to meet ya!" - Mr. Buggy.

Please tell me Mr. Buggy was a dangerous bug. We made him get out of the car when we got to work. Farewell, Mr. Buggy!! Happy travels!

Monday, May 28, 2012

Music Monday: Venezia

Happy Music Monday! Thought it was time for some lightheartedness again, and I was in 1980s Spanish music mood---Hombres G to be more precise. The above song is titled Venezia, and this particular song has made a home in my mind as Texas welcomes the good old (infamous?) Texas summer weather. It is hot. Very hot, and it's gonna get only hotter as summer progresses, but it's all good, because that only means that autumn comes soon after. And y'all know how much I love autumn. (A whole lot, in case you didn't know.)

Anyway, GUESS WHAT!?!?!?

I a BICYCLE!!! I sure as hell don't know how to ride it yet, but this evening right after I made my two-wheeled investment, we stopped by the so-called COYOTE PARK (ok, really it's called East Hill Park, but I've seen coyotes and bobcats and even DEER in and around!), and decided to have my first lesson.

Me, with the highlighter pink shorts, and my mother, with a meme face for the sake of anonymity.
Yup, I got a PURPLE bike. It was either the purple girls' bike or the TONY HAWK boys' bike---now, I'm all for gender bending, but if I'm gonna look ridiculous while learning how to ride a bike, I might as well be as girly as possible....maybe I should have gone with a Barbie bike instead...

Anyway, I made a fool of myself in front of an Indian and a white family, for about half an hour. We had issues putting the bike back into the Jeep, so my mother decided my sister and I would ride the bike and/or run back home. OH JOY.

My sister rode the bike, and I decided to jog beside her all the way home, by the way. Here's a snapshot of our route. 0.6 of a mile, that's CRAY CRAY Y'ALL!

That's a lot of running on such short notice!
Anyway, now I'm home, tired. Glad to say that I'm FINALLY on the right track to doing what I want. Hopefully my bicycle adventures will get better! :) If not, y'all will sure get to witness my mistakes hahahaha!!!

Have a great day/evening/night (or whatever time it is)!

Saturday, May 26, 2012


A kiss on the cheek
and a farewell.

We depart as friends,

at least in the
corners of my dreams.