Wednesday, March 28, 2012

New Bath Curtain

I think the title of this post says it all. In case y'all didn't know, I kind of sort of really like birds. Like, a lot. So much that I always preferred budgies, lovebirds, finches, and cockatiels as pets over dogs and cats.

I still do. And now that I'm an "adult" I have the freedom to buy whatever the hell I want [most of the time]. And so, I bought the following curtain for my shower/bathtub (tacky or awesome: I really don't care, I LOVE it):

BIRD CURTAIN! I love it. (Photo taken by *ahem* yours truly.)
On a very related note, my morning shower mood has become a lot more cheerful. :)

Tuesday, March 27, 2012

Snooping Birds --- and Other Tiny Tidbits

It's Tuesday, and the weather has been love-ly! And the birds, well, the birds are just as amusing and adorable as ever. See for yourselves:

Just a couple of pigeons walking around, NBD.
It was but a charade. These seemingly innocent birds were making their way around the office perimeter. Oh sure, they were adorable, and I undividedly gave them my attention, when suddenly---CHOMP!---one of these innocent birds turned...FOWL. {Yes, yes, I was aching to use a bird pun. I apologize for choosing not to apologize for this bad pun.}

Anyway, I decided to make an MS Paint rendition of these curious creatures, and then, just because I could, I went ahead and inverted the colors. The end result:

I admit it: I might have a little bit too much free time.

So there y'all have it: my Tuesday in a nutshell. Oh wait, no you don't. I have another---kinda CREEPY---story to share. So last week, I had to make an appointment for a physical exam (long story, no real explanation needed, nothing serious or anything like that). First thoughts: I get to go to a lab and have blood drawn out and pee in a cup, etc. etc. Reality: the lab would come to me, to MY house, MY dwelling! I don't know about y'all, but when I go to a lab/doctor's office, I immediately go into "doctor-visit-mode" (as in, yes, I will pee in a cup, and no, I won't faint or shudder when I see my blood fill test tubes to the brim). But to have a stranger come into my home and do those same exact things...I dunno, my mind just couldn't calm down.

And you know what happens when you don't calm down...things go...awry. With me, this morning, it was the dreaded drawing of blood. Like I said, normally, drawing blood is no big deal. I'm tough, you know! And the nurse/technician/professional-blood-drawer is always proficient enough to easily find the right vein and quickly fill the tubes and be done with it all. This guy today, however, NOPE. He had a New Yorkean (sp?) accent, white hair, carried a roll-y luggage bag [filled with lots of medical goodies], and was (in kind words) pompous. "I've been doing this for 42 years! BLAH BLAH BLAH what happened to you today I only see about once or twice a month BLAH BLAH BLAH."

What happened, you ask? As the man stuck the needle in my left arm, all was going well, I could hear that little "WHOOSH" sound, signifying the test tube was becoming full, and suddenly, I hear, "Nope, that's no good. You're drying up. I'm gonna have to do this again." And as he was saying this, he kept trying with another test tube on the same vein.

His excuse? It went something like this: "Oh it's not my fault. I've been doing this for 42 years. If anything, it must be that you haven't had enough to drink, so you're dehydrated, and when the needle goes in and acts like a vacuum, the vein collapsed." Oh okay, Mr. Labman, it's my fault obviously, since I have inferiorly-constructed veins. Only not, since I've had this done many times before---even when I've gone longer without food or drink---and this thing never happened.

His solution? Let's do it again, ON THE OTHER ARM! (Now, I will admit, my right arm has bigger veins, so it was really really easy to fill all the test tubes again.) Shortly after though, I felt out of sorts, dizzy, like I was going to throw up. I had to lie down on the couch with my legs up to get the blood flowing. And Mr. Labman said again, oh yeah, I see this like 16 times a year, BLAH BLAH BLAH. Thanks Mr. Labman, thanks. Anyway, I'm better now, but the vein on my left arm looks a little beaten up, but no worries! In related news, I successfully peed in a cup. Not that y'all needed to know that, but you know how it is. No one likes to pee in a cup, especially when forced to on a constricted time frame.

Monday, March 26, 2012

Music Monday: Underneath the Sycamore

We were both broken in our own ways
Sifting through the rubble for the wrong things
I know you've got a vengeful heart
And that I cannot be stopped as soon as I start
But you have seen your darkest rooms
And I have slept in makeshift tombs
And this is where we find our peace
This is where we are released
I absolutely fall in love with songs too easily. Let me just rest for a moment and let my worries disappear.

Sunday, March 25, 2012

Just Another Tidbits Sunday


So, their newest album, Neck of the Woods, is coming out on May 8th, just in time for my birthday (which happens to be on the 15th)! They are simply amazing, I really could just listen to them over and over and OVER again. Endlessly. OH, by the way, the song above (you should be listening to it while you read this), titled Bloody Mary, is a new one, and was just released earlier today! I immediately fell in love with it.

Ok, I should probably talk about something else in addition to the above-mentioned good news. Did y'all know that I did get to the Fun. concert??? It was all very much short notice. And an impulsive yes on my part. BUT the concert was, well, FUN. There is, however, something that's bothering me---but I suppose it's only bothersome if I let it bother me. And I won't. Not anymore.

On a kind of unrelated (but not really) note, why---when I want to be---can't I just be "one of the guys"?? Let's just dwell on this, and I'll see y'all tomorrow!

Monday, March 19, 2012

Music Monday: All Alone

Happy Music Monday!! It's been quite a week---I guess I'll divulge a few details...I had a couple of interviews, one of which I really hope I get the job for (seeing as how it is exactly what I should be doing with my degree), I bought 18 pounds worth of grapefruit (it seemed like a good deal at the time!), I bought a few splendidly awesome articles of clothing (whydoIdothisIneedtoSTOPbutitfeelssogoodtospendmoneyandlookAMAZING)...

Well when I summarize my week that way it doesn't seem too busy, but believe me, it was busy! By Friday evening, I was pooped. Figuratively, and consequently I missed hanging out with some really cool kids (my bank friends!) that evening. I did however recharge, and by Saturday, I was able to wash ALL of my laundry (that's a HUGE accomplishment, btw), babysit my super smart and witty cousins, and hang out with some other friends (if only for a little while lol). By Sunday, I looked back at the days before and thought, "Wow, this is what being a grownup feels like!" Just add a few songs in there (the soundtrack of my life this season), a lot of daydreaming and inner-battling, and a few cups of coffee, and you've got a pretty good idea of what I lived.

Anyway, Fun. is coming this Wednesday to Dallas. I really REALLY REALLY wish I could go, but unfortunately, I was too late in buying tickets and the concert is supposedly sold out now...SUPPOSEDLY, my younger sister is trying to figure out if there might be tickets...somewhere...

I guess it's okay if I don't end up going to this concert---I'm not gonna die, y'know?---BUT it wouldn't hurt anyone if I was able to go and ENJOY such an awesome musical event.

In any case, if I don't attend the concert, at least I have the album? I'll just have it on constant repeat. For as long as possible. I love the song above, by the way. Like a lot. I hope y'all can enjoy and appreciate it too.

A note about the grapefruit purchase: I went to Whole Foods with my sister and mother, and I gotta say, I LOVE GRAPEFRUIT. I like dissecting it, biting the little pulpy-pulp, swallowing bit by bit...I should keep this clean...ANYWAY, I saw this large 18-lb bag of grapefruit. The promotional price stated it was basically $0.50/lb, and I was like, "Whoa, that's a great deal. I should totally buy this large bag." And there you go. 18 pounds of grapefruit. One little problem though: grapefruit, like any other food item, perishes over now I'm on a race against time to eat as much grapefruit before they all rot. TOO MUCH GRAPEFRUIT, NOT ENOUGH TIME!

Now, if you'll excuse me, I think I'll eat another grapefruit now. See ya! :)

OH, BEFORE I FORGET!!!!! BIG NEWS: I'm participating in the March of Dimes March for Babies, you might be able to see from the sidebar on the right...Now, last year, I didn't really have a fundraising goal, but this year, I plan on raising $125. (Either way, I'm going to donate $125 myself, but if y'all would like to donate to this great organization, feel free to do so!) It's a long story for me, but I really care about babies' health. You know, they can't really defend themselves, so it is up to us to look out for them. I suggest you go to their website (click here) and read the inspiring success stories of babies who have benefited from March of Dimes' research and aid. You can also visit my PERSONAL MARCH FOR BABIES PAGE (username: eunitidbits):

Please help me help babies!! It'll be greatly appreciated!! Any little bit helps :)

P.S. I feel a little love-ly. Whatever that means...

Monday, March 12, 2012

Music Monday: Around My Head

This Monday has been peachily gorgeous. Outside, I mean. Honestly, I had way too many things to do, but hey, I'm not complaining. Lovely weather makes it all okay. Even for a Monday. Anyway, rather than give y'all any real details about the goings-on in my life, I'll share some Cage the Elephant instead. Enjoy: Around My Head. :)

Wednesday, March 7, 2012

Wednesday on Pinterest

Source: via Jj on Pinterest

Hahaha, satin. Ok, well, I'm done for today. I should be a little more productive...

Tuesday, March 6, 2012

Just Another Windy Tuesday

Hello everyone,

This is my own rendition of what I saw a couple of hours ago from my work window:
Flying bag and leaves.
Yeah, I saw a bag fly in front of our office. And that yellowish house-looking building? That's supposedly a DENTIST office, but I've seen NEITHER patients NOR dentist(s) go in or out...Something is kind of...sketchy...if you know what I mean...and I don't mean the poor sketchy illustration above...Oh, and that orange rectangle with the vertical yellow stripes? No, it's not a fat mutant-caterpillar; it's some building, and it's not really orange, I just didn't want to look for a "concrete wall" color on MS Paint. And those wobbly shapes are supposed to be parked cars. And those blue spirals are supposed to represent the strong wind (hence the inclusion of the word "windy" in today's title...)

Did you know we have a strong wind advisory today, by the way? And of course (jumping back to explaining my blustery masterpiece), that blue blob that has "BAG" written on it? That's a bag, in case you couldn't put two and two together, whatever that might mean. Lastly, can we all agree that those little green dots flying with the "bag" are leaves?

No lies: as I typed the previous two paragraphs I witnessed a smaller and darker baggie dance around in the air. I guess bags like this office...?

In other news, I was looking through my stats this morning (oh come on, we all do it, amirite??) and came across an interesting search keyword(s)---search phrase(?). It led me to look at the rest of them...BEHOLD, IF YOU WERE TO SEARCH FOR THESE THINGS, AT SOME POINT IN TIME, YOU WOULD STUMBLE UPON TEENY TINY TIDBITS:
  1. ~~~~ well, that one's pretty obvious
  2. teeny tiny tidbits ~~~~ yeah, I can still understand why this would lead to this awesome blog
  3. teeny tiny tidbits of thoughts ~~~~ if you add the "of thoughts" it's sure to lead you away from that other website "teeny tiny tidbits of pineapples"
  4. iwastesomuchtime rock ~~~~ I was surprised, but then saw that this search led to that "working cats" picture from last Sunday's evening post
  5. the plan is since ~~~~ this undoubtedly reminds me of e.e. cummings, though I've never written anything about poetry
  6. the scarce posts ~~~~ with this one, I really have no idea. Am I scarce?
  7. mixed doubles painting by george l k morris ~~~~ I'm glad I'm not the only one who fancies this painting!
  8. the then love of ~~~~ why not complete the phrase? maybe whoever searched this likes to "the" before "love of" (if these words could be verbs?)
  9. the well known center ~~~~ the well known center of what? the universe? the tootsie roll pop? the world? I hope teenytinytidbits helped this person out!
  10. wilco "sometimes it happens" mediafire ~~~~ well, this is like my favoriiiiiiite song of all time, but I'm nowhere near being a "cloud storage" host/place/thing (can you tell I don't know what I'm talking about?
There you have it, I think "the scarce posts" is my favorite search phrase. I know some of you bloggers out there have shared your search keywords, but if you haven't, I'd like to see what you've seen in your "traffic sources" tab!

Monday, March 5, 2012

Music Monday: Paparazzi

Oooh I know what you're thinking: WHAAAAAAAAT!?!?!? A Lady Gaga song (and an old one at that!) on teenytinytidbits? Yes.

I still don't know why this is the only Gaga song I can 100% say I approve of, but it is. Maybe it's the dark adorable-ness of the song itself. Oh and the actual music video. Frankly, I think it's the puffy mambo-looking thingies they all wear in several parts of the know which ones...

Courtesy of Tito Garcia y Su Orquesta "La Internacional." (They're for real!)
So there you have it. In other news, I'm kinda sorta busy right now---I'm forcing myself to invest time and thought into my semi-near future. I won't divulge details: I want to make sure I get results before I go on and share with everyone. Therefore, I apologize if I'm kind of distant from the whole Facebook/Twitter/teenytinytidbits world in the next month or so (though I'll try to keep posting here, even if I don't talk about it everywhere!). I need to get things done! :)

Sunday, March 4, 2012

Here we go again...

If only it could be this cute at work....Man, I've got to change some things. Or get lots of kittens. Change or kittens. And a better job.