Monday, April 12, 2010


Good day. I've had the curiosity to start recording my thoughts via blog over the last year or so, and I've finally gotten around to do so...

Whether anyone reads this doesn't really matter, but I do encourage it. The Teeny Tiny Tidbits of Thoughts, (do pardon the alliteration, though I totally intentionally took the time to do so [the subordinate clause you just read was unintentional, honest!]) will hopefully provoke some thinking, or at the very least, provide some light entertainment.

Please enjoy! :)

Disclaimer: the Teeny Tiny Tidbits of Thoughts may on occasion not be so teeny tiny. Do bear with me, I had wanted a cutesy name, but "teeny tiny" was the only way for me to creatively and legitimately use "Tidbits," which happens to be one of my favorite words ever.

Oh yes, I do love words!

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