Wednesday, October 13, 2010

Approval, Necks, and Favorite Things

Good evening, all.

I think I've reached a new level of understanding and approval with my mother, with regards to the love of my life. Here's the story, and I'll try to be sweet and concise: 

So here we were talking about my friend, the love of my life, and it wasn't some serious conversation or anything, but I guess my mother, with all her motherly wisdom knew that I still love my friend. She austerely asked, do you like him? I said, all cool and clearly, yes. But that being his girlfriend (or stuff like that) isn't my priority. I'm okay either way, with or without title or whatever. She asked then, does he plan on staying in (let's call it) City X, and I said, I've no idea. And then, I kid you not, it was like that moment in "The Little Mermaid" when King Triton is about to turn Ariel into a human so she can be with Prince Eric, and my dear mother started saying, I think you're going to leave us behind, in a sort of wistful but accepting tone. I in turn said, no! I wouldn't want to live in City X permanently, maybe Boston, but not City X haha! After this weird and peaceful moment of understanding, I continued and finished the story that had to do with my friend, and my mother reacted more positively.

Could it be? Has she finally let go of the bad impression she had of my friend?! :) Now I can love without guilt!

So, because of Fall's nostalgic atmosphere, every now and then I remember my friend's aroma. I can't explain it, and I feel like a total "goofy" "doofus" (yes, I actually used those words!) because what I remember most is, well, his neck. Not like I ever touched it or anything. But yes, the neck. It's there. I want to see it in person soon. I sure miss terrible times with terrible people. And their necks. (Or in this case, his neck.)

Lastly, for this evening, my mother's implicit approval has lightened things up for me: I feel that I can't go wrong in anything. I am simply content with life, and it doesn't matter that not everything is going the way I would like it to, I have my love and that's all I need!

That leads me to the last portion of this post's title "Favorite Things." I think I'll go ahead and write a post about one Favorite Thing for the next few times, I find that if I focus on the good things, the things that agree with me, the things that cancel the bad things (I'm very well aware I've used "things" too liberally tonight), I generally get along in a better mood and attitude. You should give it a try.

Brief example: Instead of saying, "I hate it when stupid drivers merge in front of me and drive slowly," I now say, "I love it when everyone drives appropriately," or "I love it when I find a way to get home in a good amount of time."

So come on, enjoy the beautiful Fall weather, enjoy your love, enjoy your life!!! :)

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