Monday, November 7, 2011

Attention to Details

Attention to details. Attention to details. That phrase drives me insane. Every position that interests me in the Finance, Economics, and even Accounting, fields posits that the ideal candidate must possess the unequivocally perfect "attention to details" skill. I've always thought of myself as possessing said skill, but I guess it's not enough to appeal to some of the "big dogs" out there. Oh well, I used to panic a lot more about this---not getting a job immediately out of college, and wondering what I would do with myself---but now, I dunno, I kind of feel that I'm slowly but surely coming out of my shell, putting myself out there and networking and whatnot. ( current plan, which I impulsively jumpstarted a couple of days ago, will hopefully work...if it does, y'all will surely find out about it!)

Anyway, let's pay attention to other details. The fun and light details in life, found effortlessly by chance. Enjoy:
Only the best coffee candies EVER!

One of the cool things about working at Pier 1 Imports during the holidays: free Christmas ornament of my choosing.

Circle of life. I dunno about you, but I absolutely love this rich yellow.

Something about this out-of-focus PINK dog just tickles me so.

Pier 1 Imports Easter bunnies, before they faded from being out in the sunlight too much.
A side note on the "best coffee candies EVER:" there's an Asian Market near my workplace, and one day, the owner came by and dropped off a few candy bags for us to enjoy (you know, because we're just soooo awesome) and at first I was reluctant...I mean, the wrapper didn't have an actual name brand...but when I tried this small three-dimensional coffee colored oval confection, I was immediately wooed. These so-called "CAPPUCCINO candies" are definitely worth looking for, and just look at the adorable wrappers! SO CUUUUUUUUUTE! <3
[Another side note: I absolutely love Pier 1 Imports. Just go into one of their stores and're bound to find something new and interesting on every visit! (And I'm not just saying that because I worked with them a few times!)]

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