Sunday, September 12, 2010


I like driving, alone and with others. I like acting as the navigator when we explore unknown destinations. Today, I had the lovely opportunity to be my mother's co-pilot, and we all made it to Lone Star Park, in Grand Prairie, Texas.

Wow, it's been a while since I've filled my Sunday with what happened today. We went to Grand Prairie so my younger sister could work at one of the booths at the annual "Fiestas Patrias," celebrating Hispanic heritage and whatnot. It was rather hot outside, loud music reverberating in my heart. People walking around, gathering around the various booths. We bought some exaggeratedly priced bottled water, and then decided to drive around while my sister worked.

Drove to Grapevine, Irving, then back to the festivities. Lots of men in interesting, and sometimes ridiculous, boots. Louder music, more drinking drunk attendees, more entertainment for us, enjoying the boots, the people themselves. It's been a while since I've been surrounded by this type of crowd. I think I've filled my quota for the next decade or so.

I've barely gotten home now. The smell of sweet sweat and sunscreen surrounds me. The end of my weekend. Tomorrow I go back to work. Counting down the days till the next weekend.

I wrote a poem at work, by the way. I didn't think I could, doing it as a favor to a co-worker. Thought it would be too trite, but I fear (or I may actually be glad) that it was a way for me to let out some feelings about my dear friend. Everything's alright, though!

I need to clean myself up now (can't go to bed smelling like the sun)!

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