Monday, May 16, 2011

Duck Umbrella

So it's been a rainy day today. Naturally, now that we have, get this, *TWO* umbrellas in our household, we always try to use them when we go out on rainy days. Today, my younger sister took it out as we ventured to the mall. This is what happened when we got back home:

Sister about to go up the stairs.

As she walked up the stairs, my sister decided to use the popular duck umbrella as a cane of sorts...the end result:

Counterclockwise: up the stairs, as "duck cane" touches stair...POOF goes the umbrella!
She was behind us, but when we heard this weird sound, you know, the sound that only umbrellas can make when they open up unexpectedly, we looked back and saw my sister frozen on the stairs, silently laughing because it was a surprise...

That crazy duck umbrella.

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