Sunday, May 8, 2011

I love May

Good evening, all, so you know how I was on vacation a few weeks back? Yeah, and I gave a tiny update about wind turbines? Well, I had hoped to write more often during vacation, but instead I spent it reading, stretching, job searching, and just staying at home. It's quite alright though, I'm not apologizing for the delay of posts; I honestly believe I distributed my time correctly.

Anyway, inevitably, April has become May, and I am a mere week away from my 23rd birthday. This is crazy on so many levels. I thought it was amazing when I had reached my 21st birthday, given my behaviors and bizarre eating habits/conditions. My 22nd was a little different last year, for not only did I earn another year of life, but a B.B.A. in Finance and a B.S. in Economics as well. It's kind of like my graduation overshadowed my birthday, actually, but it was overall an amazing day. And now this 23rd birthday comes along.

These paragraphs have been about me for too long. Enough. In other news, I came across this mini debate over cutting down the deficit. Paul Krugman, an admirable economist, makes it clear, that even though President Obama's plan on cutting down the deficit isn't absolutely perfect, it is more realistic and "plausible" than the Ryan Plan...

If you have time and aren't easily bored by these topics, I do suggest you view the above video. If not, well, you really should view it anyway, I mean, come on, it is Paul Krugman.

In other-other news, my hair has grown quite long, and I need to trim it! Part of me wants to chop it all off, but the more curious part wants to see how long it can grow before it becomes unhealthy. We shall see...

Note: I do apologize if you find this whole budget subject thingy to be boring. Might I suggest you start reading the news more often? A good old-fashioned newspaper every now and then is actually quite fun...or the online version, at the very least.

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