Monday, June 13, 2011

You Are a Tourist...Or I Am, At Least

So I'm going through one of those moments, in which I feel like I need to get out of here (this humdrum life or whatever) and just explore. And it doesn't matter if I know where I'm going, or what I'll be doing, but I just have to do it. Go out. Drive somewhere. And if I happen to find a new place to call home, then, so be it!

Of course, things are never that easy to start. In an ideal world, where there are no obstacles whatsoever, I could totally just get a small suitcase ready, fill my tank, and drive out to who-knows-where. Feel the sun embrace me in the morning. Have the moon lull me to sleep. Learn things through trial and error. Complete independence -- the rewards and pains that come with it.

I'm at that point though...right at the edge of the Cliff of Terrified-Wimpy-Scared Nervousness...ready to jump off and see where it leads. I guess the real reason I write this particular post today is to hold myself accountable and responsible (for real - for real) for the decisions I'm about to take -- you know, like if you write down a list of things to do, then you feel accomplished when you complete it (and quite like a failure if you don't) -- that sort of thing.

So, here I go. By the end of the week, I expect to have the following complete:

  1. Get in touch with certain potential grad schools;
  2. Complete at least three (3) new job applications;
  3. Enroll in that annoying Calculus course;
  4. Finish reading my current book;
  5. Continue to read current financial articles; and
  6. Anything else that might pop up.
Please hold me to this list. I know it's small, but it is also quite daunting. It's just all a matter of getting started. I know -- for a fact -- that once I get over this small hurdle, nothing's gonna stop me from getting what I deserve.

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