Friday, August 12, 2011

Here and There

Dear everyone,

It's been a good month or so (I think?) since I last transformed my thoughts into words, and now seems like a great time to do so. Several subjects have come to mind for reading-worthy blog posts, but alas, I've been engulfed by my work, learning, and ambitions. Anyway, I promise some good stuff is coming your way, like.....

  • my thoughts on Brideshead Revisited (an amazing work of literature)
  • the crazy things I keep in my purse (CRAZY!)
  • an education on whales (or at least, my attempts at drawing them)
  • my quest to find an awesome Autumn playlist, and
  • an update (hopefully!) on the super-fun world of job searching ~~ ok, that sounds boring, let me come up with something more interesting: uhm, like perhaps my attempt at hosting a mini-dinner party.
Of course, we can't forget the exciting world of POLITICS (yes, I will almost always capitalize that word, it makes me feel fancy). We'll look at (and pick apart at) what kind of crazy shenanigans these candidates are getting into....Oh yes, this Fall is going to be amazing, I can feel it.

Aaaaaaaaaand, I'll chronicle my first encounters with a bicycle ~~~~~ will I finally learn how to ride a bike? Time will let us know...

I'll see y'all around, and to show my apologies for the lack of writing, I drew this wonderful picture of a.................................rock. Enjoy! :)

"I'm a rock."


  1. especially looking forward to the whale drawings and POLITICS :)