Thursday, August 25, 2011

Peanut Tragedy

I love peanut butter. I have loved it since the first time I tasted it. It goes without saying then (even though I am, in fact, saying it) that peanut butter is an essential food staple in the Tidbit Pantry.
For the past 20+ years I've been a loyal Jif peanut butter eater, but lately, their product's consistency was unsatisfactory: if left in the pantry, the oil would separate; if left in the fridge, it'd be too hard and cold to enjoy. So I decided to search for another brand. And I found it: Planters *NEW* peanut butter. It's definitely been an improvement, consistency-wise, and it doesn't have a bad taste. Anyway, the real story today lies within the world of labels, and how not paying close attention can lead to terrible consequences...relatively speaking.

It was Grocery Day, and peanut butter was on the top of my list. While my mother went on ahead to the bread aisle, I stayed behind to pick the peanut butter. When you think about this wonderful yet humble food item, there are actually a lot of different brands, and they all at least carry two types: CRUNCHY and CREAMY. Notice how both words start with "CR-" and end in "-Y." And usually, the brands distinguish the two types by the color of the label (e.g. red label vs. blue label).
As I got closer to the Planters peanut butter, I even said to myself (since I prefer CREAMY peanut butter), "Don't get the crunchy kind!" I grabbed the peanut butter jar, opened it to ensure the freshness seal was intact, and left. The rest of the Grocery Quest moved along, uneventful. We got home and put away the groceries...
The next morning, as I got ready for work super early, I rushed to get some of that delicious peanut butter. Even more exciting was the fact that I would be opening that particular jar for the first time---which is the best time to enjoy peanut butter, because after the freshness seal has been peeled off it's still pristine and untouched by human hands. To my horror....TO MY HORROR...
T O  M Y  H O R R O R . . .
after the seal came off, I saw a number of little bumps (like tiny anthills on a poor, defenseless field) all over my peanut butter.
Shaken up, I looked at the label. CRUNCHY.
How could this have happened!? I was outraged! I was speechless! I was heartbroken!

Now, is it possible that I mistakenly got the crunchy peanut butter because unconsciously I wanted to sabotage my peanut butter enjoyment???
Was it because of poor labeling? You tell me:
Craziness. The majority of both labels is blue, right?
Anyway, that's what happened. Poor peanut butter. Now I have to find it a CRUNCHY-loving home.

Speaking of Planters...who remembers P.B. Crisps?

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