Friday, September 23, 2011

It's That Time...Again

Dear friends,

With it being the first official day of Autumn, the one season that can assuage my restless spirit,
I think it's time to start my "Favorite Things" blog mini-series once again. Focusing on my Favorite Things allows me to remember the good stuff and to brush off the tons and tons of unnecessary negative things I encounter on a daily basis.

Quite a few events have occurred in the past month, but anyway, I am here now, and I hope I can write some more: writing always lightens my mood---or at least lets me share some random (and on occasion, insightful) thoughts.

Anyway, do you have any Favorite Things? I would love to hear about what makes you all happy.

Till tomorrow, then, I need to organize myself a bit and prepare a reading-worthy post.

P.S. I seriously had forgotten that in my original "Favorite Things" post I had written basically the same thing I wrote above, anent the good stuff and the "unnecessary negative things." (...did I use anent correctly? Is there an anent-connoisseur out there?)

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