Tuesday, October 25, 2011

Fancy Skirt Plan

Good morning, Friends,

Upon returning home from my trip to New York, I decided it was time to turn things around, you know, get back on the fast track of career advancement. I also decided it was time to do things that make me happy. One thing that I cannot resist (and would love love LOVE to have a neverending supply of) is a nice skirt. I like all skirts, but I definitely prefer the classic, professional pencil skirt, which, if combined correctly with the rest of the clothing ensemble, works versatilely in both the workplace and the "fun-"place.

Anyway, the plan is, since now I have the time and desire to do so, to buy one (and only one, for budgeting purposes) skirt (or on occasion, a nice pair of dress/work pants) per paycheck. It is definitely doable, and I need to not only feel like an accomplished and worthy young professional, but look like it too!
Anthropologie Scalloped Pencil Skirt
This beautiful and whimsical Anthropologie pencil skirt is first on my list. I mean, look at the effortlessly beautiful layers! So gentle and delicate, yet elegant and classic. Add a nice pair of heels, a pearl necklace, and a nice blouse, and people will start thinking I'm an experienced and confident young professional. Of course, with the purchase of this skirt (and those to come) I will need to add a few more pairs of shoes and blouses...but those will be part of another plan.

A Disclaimer on Budget: Since I'm still setting some disposable income aside for my "rainy day" fund, I must abide by the "one skirt at a time" rule, in which I may not buy more than one skirt per pay period. I'm hoping my friends and family can assist me by enforcing this rule hahaha (I do tend to get carried away at times...)

Another Disclaimer: now, don't think I'm just doing this for appearance purposes. If you take the time to analyze the clothing items you purchase, and the ones you currently have in your wardrobe, you'll notice the different materials, stitching, and care that goes into all of your clothes. It's humbling and amazing, to know that someone can make these clothes (regardless if it's machine- or handmade or not). In my journey through this Fancy Skirt Plan, I hope to become more knowledgeable in my own sense of fashion and share what I know with the rest of the world.

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