Monday, June 4, 2012

Music Monday: Mountain Sound

Happy Music Monday!!!

I'm ready to travel a bit, how about y'all?? :) :) :)

I heard about Of Monsters and Men when the local radio station played "Little Talks." I took a liking to that song and decided to listen to their album. Immediately fell in love with it, purchased it, and have been listening to it non-stop. Personally, today's Music Monday song is my favorite. Enjoy :)


  1. Absolutely LOVE this band! I, too, have been playing their album on repeat. And if you haven't seen the music video to "Little Talks" yet, PLEASE go YouTube it right this second and then tell me what you think. It's amazing.

    Wandered here from 20sb! Cheers! :-D

    1. HIIIII! Thanks for visiting me! :D

      I dunno what it is about bigger groups like this band (or Grouplove or Arcade Fire), but they just sound sooooo good when they combine and complement each other! And the Little Talks video is AMAZING!!!!

    2. The lovely lady pictured above, Emma, got me into Of Monsters And Men. I've listened to most of the CD, but the only song that has completely sucked me in is Little Talks. And that music video, it's so trippy. I enjoy them. They made my road trip a few weeks ago much better.

      By the way, thanks for the vote on 20SB! I really appreciate it. Although I don't believe we have been previously acquainted through blogging, I will be visiting you! :D