Thursday, December 20, 2012

That's just CRAY CRAY

From xkcd. I should just wear this print on a shirt or badge...

I meant to write about something else (and earlier in the week), but this week has just been a little out of sorts, and it's really testing my ability to be flexible and resilient in every situation I encounter.

First off, I haven't been to yoga all week, and that makes me terribly sad; I like the feeling of going to yoga, and I was supposed to go yesterday after work, but then I got in a car accident and that just ruined my schedule for the rest of the evening. Nobody got hurt, some girl wasn't paying attention to the traffic and rammed (yes, the pickup truck rammed, like a big old ram) into the back of my poor Jeep. It's a good thing I have a Jeep; it scares me to think what would've happened to me if I still drove a little 4-cylinder Toyota Yaris. I know everything with regards to the body repairs to my car will be fixed, it's no big deal, it wasn't my fault or anything, but the fright always gets to me. All these what-ifs and scary thoughts are jarring and really test my patience and my ability to remain calm.

But it's okay. If anything, this little blip on my life's timeline has just served to show me how much my family and friends love me. They love me even though I'm kind of strange (ha, I had to find a way to tie in that xkcd comic). Anyway, I'll just let this cray cray stuff slide off me while I continue to smile and sing along to my favorite songs as I drive home.


  1. I'm glad you weren't hurt in the crash, and that you're taking it all so well and in your stride. That's pretty cool :) I want a Jeep for just those reasons really. I want something I know is going to A) Keep me safe in a crash, and B) Damage them WAY more than they damage me.

  2. Hi Euni~ Was reading some old posts and came across a comment from you...SOO I thought I would drop by and say hello. Sorry about your car accident. Perhaps it is not a coincidence considering your past post about learning more about yourself. Sometimes when something scary happens it makes us think more seriously about our purpose and the meaning in life.

    I believe God is intimately acquainted with all our ways. Anyways, Glad to drop by and see that you are OK and may God bless you with a Happy New Year. Come and visit me again sometime.