Friday, January 18, 2013


I had some extra time on my hands at work, so I went to XKCD and kept hitting the random button. Then I found this one:

Frogger (you should probably click on the image for a better look!)

The first time I saw this particular comic I was surrounded by such blissful memories. I should have known then that things were working out with the former-love-of-my-life, and that I could have spoken about my feelings with certainty and confidence.

He was good back then. I am trying not to be upset at myself for remembering my time with him, it's okay for me to go through little phases like these, things always get better. So bear with me, everyone, if I seem quiet and more reserved than usual, I'm just getting through this little episode.

I started grad school this week, and wow, it IS going to be tough. But I'm about 97% sure I'll be able to handle the full-time coursework along with the 40-hour work weeks...YAY LEARNING EXPERIENCES.

(I need to start writing and reading more!)


  1. You DO need to start reading and writing more, but don't worry because comics count :) Especially XKCD. Oh Frogger, you crazy little frog you. I loved that little guy. It is okay for you to go through little phases like that, but don't get stuck in them.

    1. Thank you for your enthusiasm! I am feeling better now, so I'll hopefully be over this little phase soon!! :)

  2. I just set up a schedule and force myself to write. If I'm having trouble writing something I force myself to go do something interesting so I have something to write about.

    Worked decently so far.

    1. That's a pretty neat idea, thanks! I'm going to try to continue my music sharing posts at the very least, and maybe start writing more about my daily (and more random) musings and wanderings. :)