Wednesday, January 23, 2013

Things I do in the office...

Well, I have zero dogs at the moment, so does that imply that all it takes is ONE dog for me to become a "crazy dog lady"? (Source.) distract myself when there is no work to be done:

1. Repeat phrases in my head.
Example: in contemplating the title of this post, "things I do in the office...things I do in the office...things I do in the office..."
2. Move my head in all directions, like a bird.

3. Drink water.

4. Refill my water bottle when it is empty.

5. Go through Pinterest and laugh (sometimes too loudly), pin, repin, like, at the "humor" pins.

6. Listen to music on Spotify (regular business hours haha).

7. Think about awkward moments in my life.
Example: like when I used to wear the "slim fit" jeans in middle school, even worse that I would wear a black belt and black dress shoes with white socks along with those jeans. Or like when I unconsciously make weird faces at friends/co-workers/strangers who are not in the "super-secret-approved-Euni-list-of-people list."
8. Read the good old "Mathematics for Economists" textbook. Guaranteed oodles and oodles of fun.

9. Daydream. --- Well, we all know I do that even if there is work to be done. I think I am 75% in daydream mode, and that's not taking actual bedtime slumber into account.

10. Walk around the office, stretch, balance on one leg, pretending to be a flamingo.

Now, my distraction activities aren't just limited to the above list; I have been known to apply unnecessary amounts of chapstick, browse online for dresses, look at webcomics, play with Google maps, cut out funny pictures from the junk mail the office receives, draw and color dinosaurs, etc. Wow, when I mention all the things I do when I'm not working, my job sounds super awesome. But don't think that I neglect my work; I just that efficient that I have so much extra time on my hands.


  1. *hopes she's on the super-secret-approved-Euni-list-of-people list*

  2. That does sound like a pretty fun job and I'm glad to hear you're actually efficient and not just wasting your time when you should be working. Then again time wasted having fun isn't time wasted. I hope if I end up in an office job I get the opportunity to colour in dinosaurs all day and play with the junk mail.

    1. While the idea of getting a "real" job still sounds great to me (e.g. a job in which I can actually use all the Economics stuff I'm learning), coloring dinosaurs isn't such a bad tradeoff :)

      Though I'm pretty sure that even as a research assistant or analyst I'll still be coloring (at least during the lunch hour)!