Wednesday, July 18, 2012


So maybe I've been studying a little too hard. Y'all might have noticed it through my negligent writing, my lack of free time, blah blah blah (I sometimes fear that I'm writing too much about the same stuff, but I guess it's because it all has been taking over my life, oh well!)

Anyway, in case there was any doubt, I shall share a dream I had right before I woke up to get ready for work yesterday morning. I just had an exam over this thing called IMPLICIT DIFFERENTIATION, which is basically (in lame-Euni-non-math terms) taking the derivative of a function with respect to a specified variable (like "take the derivative with respect to x" or whatever)---y'all should probably just google this term if you really care about this subject, but anyway, the point is implicit differentiation had been in my mind throughout the day and night.

So, right before I woke up for-real-for-real (i.e. actually opened my eyes and felt fresh and fully awake), I had this dream. I could see an equation in the far off distance. And it was quite LARGE, as in, the "x" component in the function was as tall as me (5 feet 2-3/4 inches). As I got closer to this function, I realized that my morning alarm was on, but it sounded so small and light! I had to climb on the "e" component to reach for the alarm, which was located in the exponent. The function, by the way, is below...I added the good old whale wallpaper to make it more exciting:

This function, I think, was actually in one of my homework problems.
Anyway, by the time I reached the "t" I was fully awake. Have y'all had any weird dreams lately? Feel free to share them! :)


  1. I don't think I've ever had anything quite that weird. You should really lay off the studying :)

    1. The end is kind of close I think, and I actually didn't study at all yesterday...which made me wonder: what can I do with so much free time!?

      I ended up sitting on the couch wrapped up in my whale blanket, watching random stuff on tv. :)

  2. You're dreaming about math?

    I don't know if we can be friends anymore.

    Okay, fine, we can, but NO MORE MATH, EUNI.

    1. I know, I'm a masochist, but it. FEELS. SO. GOOD. (In about two years, I'll be laughing this summer of math off when I have my masters, I hope!)