Monday, July 30, 2012

Music Monday: Turn On Me

Hi everybody! :) I apologize for missing last week's Music Monday, but you know how it is...I'm in the final countdown with my SUMMER OF MATH, and last week in particular I was drowning in antiderivatives and other anti-fun Calculus concepts. Oh, alright, it's not all anti-fun, but I'm really at my wits' end here. If anyone wants to talk with me about antiderivatives and stuff, I'd be happy to share my rudimentary knowledge! Riiiiiiiiiiight...

Anyway, the following song has been playing in my head and dreams for the past week or so, which obviously gives me a valid enough reason to share it with you all. Enjoy.


  1. That was a really sweet and nice song :) But I don't quite agree with their album title of Best Band Ever, Or What? No one is as cool as Cheap Trick. Good luck with the maths. I'm not bad at maths, but I'm not sure I ever touched really bad calculus like that.

    1. Meeeeehhhhh, The Shins are totally in my top 5ish bands list (well, at the moment at least!), so I'm gonna have to disagree with you here ;)

      I'm hoping {really *hoping*} this calculus stuff becomes my friend and doesn't crush my dreams of dominating advanced's pretty much a love-hate relationship lemme tell you!