Saturday, July 14, 2012


It's Saturday afternoon, that moment of the day that is borderline schizophrenic. Do I decide to waste away the rest of the day, being lazy and working on calculus homework, brooding on rather trifling yet seemingly important thoughts and emotions? Or do I choose instead to laugh it all off and explore the rest of what Saturday has in store for me?

I think today I'll choose the latter. Even though I'm pretty tired. This summer seems to be the most sun-filled season of my entire life. I haven't ridden my bike in a couple of weeks, but it's because I'm rarely home long enough to rest up and go out to the park/trails. With calculus and yoga filling up my evenings after work, the only purpose my home seems to have is to provide a place for sleep. Saturday mornings start with yoga too, and then a quick breakfast before we go to the park with the little cousins. The familiar semi-nostalgic smell of sunblock on our skins, the increasingly warm embrace of the sun greeting our faces, we smile, carefree and young, in return.

We don't take pictures. We don't record our memories with videos. All I have to show for this summer-long adventure are scars and freckles. I like that.


  1. Sometimes scars and freckles are all you need :) It sounds like you need some more rest, but you're happy with how things are. So it's okay.

    1. I think so too, this might be the last summer I get to spend with all of my loved ones altogether (that is, if I get the courage to act upon my desire to move to another state), so I'm openly accepting everything that happens this season :)