Sunday, December 12, 2010

Things I Remembered Today

Today was one of those days in which I remembered a few things (as the title may have hinted) from my far and recent past. Let me just write about them, not in any particular order.
After lunch at school one day. My then-sweetheart and I walking toward the cafeteria exit, and he throws his tray into the trashcan. The tray falls on another tray that had a poor, lonely French fry limpingly lying on its edge. The weirdest part, that this tray with the fry on it was slanted at such an angle, that when the falling tray fell on it, the result was a French fry catapult. The poor surprised fry flew quite a distance --- from one side of the trashcan to the other. We were the only two people who saw this happen. I still remember the poor flying fry. 
These don't look so good when they're in throw up form.
I had eaten a lot of grapes earlier on this particular day. My mom and aunts decided it would be an awesome idea to go to Grapevine. I had the super-genius idea of reading Wayside School Is Falling Down during the car ride. A few minutes away from our destination, the grapes blended with my reading and surprise surprise: I threw up grapes in and out of the car.
Utter cuteness!!!!
We were talking about bees that day. You see, I try to look at my relationship with bees as symbiotic. Or is it mutual? Anyway, I don't hate bees. I don't love them either. They're okay, to say the least, like if they were people walking near me, I wouldn't mind them. Anyway, I said that day, "Just look at them! They're so cute and fuzzy and fat!" as a chunky bumblebee hovered around us and the flowers. (He had said he was afraid of bees, you see, and I was trying to defend them.) "Oh but these don't sting!" Oh wait, those are honeybees. Oops. We then proceeded to walk away from the cutesy-chunky-wunky bumblebee.
Yes, I have a real picture of hay bale cylinder thingies, but I don't wanna get my camera out.
I got off work late and was driving home past eleven. This was one of many nights that year, one of the toughest I've lived so far. Listening to Coldplay. Driving on Memorial, the then-really-really-remote, unknown portion of it, the part that's behind the Legends and before the waterpark. Anyway, there's only one lane for each direction and I'm driving, right?, and then I see these two giant circles in the middle of both lanes. Couldn't decipher them. Started slowing down as I got closer. Two giant HAY BALE CYLINDER THINGIES. Either the wind conveniently placed these two hay bale cylinder thingies on the road or some ruffian did, but I had to get home. So little Poni and I had to do a 180 degree turn on that tight road and go home the long way. It was quite an experience. One of the many I had with Poni.

Every now and then I think my life is boring, but days like today remind me that these little random events have made it worth living. I know that's kind of a gushy ending to this little Tidbit, but hey, maybe I'm a gushy kind of girl. (Who, by the way, has realized that the heart is always right. The head is merely there to support the heart.)

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