Tuesday, December 7, 2010

My Car Needs a Bath

I apologize for the delay in writing, I've been beating myself up about it -- having like three posts that I was supposed to publish these last couple of weeks -- but here we go. On a whim, I'll talk a little bit about my car's condition. Yes, definitely about my car today.

Let me keep it short. I've realized that I haven't washed my poor car since May. That sounds gross, but it's unfortunately true. I really should get on to that. Some tiny obscure part of my mind tells me I haven't washed it due to "attachment" reasons, but I'm trying to ignore that tiny thought. I promise I'll wash it by the end of this week! And then I'll show off Panchis' perfect cleanliness. Practically godliness (I just had to allude to that trite phrase. A million sorries!)

[Question: is the plural of "sorry" sorries?]

Anyway, maybe I'll follow this video tutorial on "How to Wash Your Car." Enjoy, maybe you should wash your car too!


  1. Its too cold to wash it! There's the $3 drive thru wash on Frankford and Marsh!