Monday, February 13, 2012

Music Monday: Semi Charmed Life

Happy Music Monday, y'all! Boy, I've been sick since the latter half of last week up until today. I'm still plagued by a runny nose, but at least that is all that remains from my earlier malady.

Anyway, while ill, I had some pretty strange dreams---ranging from REALLY PUFFY BATHROBES to my own death, oh and I flew, too! I've had pretty crazy nights, I guess you could say, but I'm ready to fully recover and be completely conscious.

In addition to eccentric slumber, I watched a few really corny horror movies over the weekend...the first of which was...TORTURE GARDEN!!! (Note: I seriously didn't realize Burgess Meredith was in this movie until I started looking for it online...OOPS. Another note: trailer courtesy of TCM.)

Torture Garden is basically one of those vignette movies---showing each character how evil he/she could be and the consequences that would follow, should they choose to be evil. Some parts were kind of CREEPY, while others (e.g. a piano throws a girl out the window) were just HILARIOUS. Yup, it was a great movie...tolerable for a sick day, at least....Oh wait, you thought that was the only corny horror movie I saw??? If you did, well, I gotta tell you you're wrong...What could be better than TORTURE GARDEN???

Nothing, but this next movie was worth a laugh...DARK HOUSE:

Yeah, Dark House is one of those horror know, the ones with a nonsensical story, unnecessarily abundant profanity, and a messily juxtaposed lesbian romance. By nonsensical I mean that it makes no sense whatsoever why the director guy would use that particular house (a house, witness to a gruesome murder spree of sorts) to film a mediocre "horror" show/movie/whatever-it-was-supposed-to-be...Anyway, if you're sick, stuck at home, and cuddled up with your favorite penguin blanket and furry slippers, this movie is worth watching---at least for the laughter caused by its sheer ridiculousness.

...I think this is turning out okay?? Pecan pound cake??
Anyway, today is Monday, I've just prepared my own improvised version of a pecan pound cake and now it's in the oven. I guess I'll see how it turns out...really, I don't even eat these things, I just enjoy preparing them, hahahaha! You know, I feel better, now that I've finished typing up this little post---not little literally, but you know what I mean...

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  1. Third Eye Blind is one of my absolute favorites. Seen them twice, and Semi Charmed Life live is just glorious. Good choice.