Sunday, April 22, 2012

Clean Up!

Just a few things I had to share before I deleted them from my phone...FOREVER. Enjoy :)

Right as 2011 started, we had this long-time regular customer (at the bank, and by regular I mean he would visit the bank at least 2 or 3 times a week) who brought us one of those FANCY Edible Arrangements fruit bouquet. For some reason I was the ONLY ONE excited and thrilled by the fact that these Edible Arrangements people could produce the year "2011" with pineapples.

As I devoured the year 2011, I decided to take a picture of the "2." I'll have you know that it was both SWEET and FRESH. (I kind of want some now, just remembering this delicious number.)

Speaking of the bank (my old job), I had the pleasure of finding the weirdest and quirkiest things. Take, for example, this lovely $20 bill. Oh sure, you think I'm just talking about this 20 because of the dashing and debonaire Andrew Jackson---just don't mention the Trail of Tears to me and we'll be good---but take a closer look....

Looks like somebody thought it would be fun to play "punch buggy" (or "slug bug" or as I prefer "PONCH BOGGY"). I thought it was adorable. Who makes stamps like these anyway and where can I get them AMIRITE??? Anyway, I had taken it upon myself to be the "MUTILATED/UNFIT CURRENCY COLLECTOR" (the one who takes all the ugly bills out of circulation), and so this little PONCH BOGGY bill had to go away to the Fed.

Another one of those quirky things, you know. I'm guessing ARTHUR was the genius behind this work of art. Maybe...MAYBE...this ARTHUR kid thought Ulysses S. Grant was...dare I say it...ONE COOL G? My guess is it was too bright outside so my boy G needed a cool pair of shades.

A little side note on this one: this bill had to go to its final resting place, but a couple of months later, as I was making my weekly "mutilated currency collection" rounds, a co-worker gave me a $50 bill. Guess what? ARTHUR had given this new Grant another pair of sunglasses. Boy, I guess this ARTHUR has a lot of 50's floating around, at least enough to accessorize them all!

{That second G, by the way, went away to the Fed too, to finally rest in peace.}

This is me just I don't like taking pictures, especially with my phone. When I got my first phone that actually had a camera in it, I did what all girls do: take pictures of myself, well, in my case, TRY to take pictures of myself.

All my pictures were FAILURES. I could never keep my eyes open. I still can't, except when I make crazy faces like the one in this picture. Or when I have at least one full "special" beverage. It's a true story. If you ever hang around with me and have a couple of drinks, that's when you'll see me wholeheartedly take part in group pictures and junk like that.

FYI, just because I can keep my eyes fully open doesn't necessarily mean the pictures are good. You've been warned.

I just thought this was funny. If you're near a Whole Foods Market, you might wanna go just to see the huge mango promotions going on. Like, seriously.

I honestly don't know if these mango specials are still going on or whatever, but I burst out laughing when I saw these happy mangos all over the store. I thought they were dancing but I don't really care---not my favorite fruit, but I admire the effort. (P.S. is it MANGOS or MANGOES?)

Lastly, I found this little piece of paper on my kitchen counter a while back. My first thought: why is there a Texas-shaped confetti in the kitchen?

Nobody in the house provided an answer or a reason for its existence or how it came to be in the house, but in any case it was sort of adorable. Not that I am a Texas-patriot or anything, but seeing as how I was born in Texas, live in Texas, sleep in Texas, I couldn't help but marvel at this unexpected surprise.

And so...

I had to do glam up this little Texas confetti picture, just so y'all could see how AWESOME Texas actually is.

Are you READY?

Oh yes, I totally did that. Now you can totally tell this is Texas.

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