Monday, April 23, 2012

Music Monday: Title and Registration

It's another Music Monday at teenytinytidbits, and while it's a rather gorgeous and lovely day outside, I am, as usual for a Monday, confined to my desk at work. A few thoughts and memories have resurfaced in my mind, and I can't get rid of that concentrated-sinking-knot-feeling from my chest. I don't know if it's supposed to signal sadness, nostalgia, daydreaming, or a constant rush of adrenaline---maybe it's a combination of all those things.

Continuing with the Death Cab For Cutie countdown, I went back to their early years and have chosen to share Title and Registration. It fits fairly well with how I felt a few months ago, and right now I'm at that recovery stage in which I'm borderline 100% OK and on the verge of heartbreak-relapse. I'm a mess---but a mess that's trying to pull itself together and completely move on. I'll have you know, by the way, that I don't feel attachment to him (e.g. him physically/intellectually/emotionally), but rather to the faint and distant memories. I need to archive those memories and keep them in my mind purely for scholarly reasons, no longer for when I want to "feel wistful longing."

That being said, I'll leave you all with this little life observation: the easiest way to get over someone is by becoming involved with someone else. This is dumb because you never really know if this "someone else" is just a rebound or another good and worthy love. And no matter how long this new thing lasts (I can't call it love or anything like that---I'm trying to keep my distance and options open), it's bound to hurt at least one of us.

But it's always worth it.

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