Saturday, August 4, 2012

Demand Equation and Other Stuff

This upcoming week is it: the last two exams for my Calculus class! :) :) :) I am definitely ready to finish my FINAL exam, turn it in, and then say, "Take that Professor, I'm glad to be done with your pathetic class and may I give you a word of advice?? LEARN WHAT A [price] DEMAND EQUATION IS AND HOW TO EXPLAIN IT PROPERLY!!!"

Ok, maybe I'll wait to say that AFTER I receive my final grade, but honestly, I knew this poor-excuse-for-a-professor was no good the minute he lashed out at another student for not knowing how to derive the demand equation from just having the given price and quantity. And then he himself did not know how to explain it! Now, maybe I'm a bit quick to judge him, I did graduate with a degree in Economics and am studying math precisely to get into grad school to pursue my master's in this field, but come on! I felt so bad for that student after the professor finished "explaining" how to derive the demand equation, and I did jump in to more eloquently explain the process and a basic meaning of what the demand equation means...though in the end, that student wasn't (and isn't) really bright (he managed to anger the professor again in our last class while working a problem on the whiteboard), so nothing could save him with regards to that!

Anyway, in case anyone was wondering, I'm not dead; very much alive actually. Just finishing up my stuff, you know! :) I might be back tomorrow, but if not, I'll definitely try to share my Music Monday post on, well, you know, Monday...

Give these guys a listen btw...(^_^)

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  1. Yay I'm glad you're very much alive, and kicking the tar out of exams :) Good luck with the maths one. Even if you did make me realise how little I know.