Wednesday, November 28, 2012

This Blog Needs MORE WHALES

And singing whales at that!

Hi everyone, I've been absent for a while, no big deal. Nothing too eventful has happened lately, though I did make really good progress this past weekend in trying new foods. I dunno if I've mentioned it or not, but I have a really hard time eating, and an even harder time eating with my friends. Not only am I a picky eater, but I am also a lazy eater. Most of the time I never finish my meal because I get "tired of chewing." It's bad, and as I've gotten older I've become more self-conscious of this "different" behavior. It's not an eating disorder or anything like that, I enjoy eating when I actually eat, and I don't have any body image issues (other than wishing I was a smidgen taller). But I worry that my behavior might seem "sickly" to others, to my friends and family.

Anyway, my friends had a [post]-Thanksgiving potluck thingy this past weekend, and I told myself I would try new foods. And I did make a sincere effort to eat the food provided. It's not too big of a deal, I guess; it's not like I finished everything on my plate, but I was proud of myself for trying.

It doesn't really matter, I guess, unless my progress and behavior hit a snag or something. Oh goodness, I hope this post didn't come off as being mentally ill or something.


  1. Not quite coming off as mentally ill. You can call it a quirk. I don't think I've ever heard anyone else who does that. But well done you for trying new foods and it's nice to see you again.

    1. Yes, I think "quirk" sounds much better than behavior or illness, I'm going to start using that term to describe it instead. And thanks for the encouragement---new food is not so scary after all!

      And it feels great to be back! :)