Monday, February 27, 2012

Music Monday: Simple Song

Happy Music Monday! Ok, so maybe I'm on a Shins binge, today's song is their latest single Simple Song. I just can't get enough of The Shins, and I can hardly wait for their new album Port Of Morrow (March 20th, everyone!!!).

I daydream too much, by the way. Sorry if it shows through my choice of music.

In other news:
Source: via Teddi on Pinterest

Something about captioned birds illustrated doing regular bird things just tickles me so. Who doesn't love these avian creatures? I don't really like that word, by the way; avian reminds me of that infamous "bird flu" madness. And don't get me started on swine flu...I hate pigs enough without their connection to illness.

Let's end on a happy note, though. Did you know we're less than a month away from SPRING!?!?!?!? I'm ready to start wearing dresses-without-cardigans, sandals, and flattering sunglasses! *siiiiiiiiigh*

Sunday, February 26, 2012

Grass. Green Grass.

So I had another interesting dream early this morning; these are the remnants:

It was a summer evening, and I was running around a campground. I don't recall who I was with, but I do remember seeing these really wide steps made of massive rocks. In the blink of a dream eye it was morning (within the dream), and I was speedily crawling along a well-known street from my childhood town. (I still see the street, from time to time---there's really no business for me to frequent it). I remember seeing the familiar fire station that sits upon this street, but there was no paved road. All I remember was grass. Very green grass.

Source: via Tim on Pinterest

Fresh green grass. Cool as my hands and knees crawled over it. I had to get to a field. When asked by a faceless stranger why I crawled, I totally logically explained I was making the same motions one makes when riding a bicycle. (I still don't know how to ride a real life.)

I opened my eyes. Tried to hold on to the dissolving images and scenes from my dream. This is all I could keep.

It's overwhelming.

Friday, February 24, 2012


Happy Friday, Tidbits friends!

It's come to my attention that I haven't yet spoken about my "classy men" list on teenytinytidbits. That's just crazy---how could I have gone all this time without sharing this awesome list?
Ok, so it's not a real list---I haven't written it down anywhere, though I have started a Pinterest board for these *ahem* heartthrobs. How about we count down my list of the top 5 classy men I wouldn't mind meeting (that is, if time wasn't an issue!)?

5. Harold Lloyd

~~~Oh sure, he looks kind of nerdy and silly, but any man who can make me laugh in a silent movie is worth a look. Harold Lloyd is, after all, the protagonist of my favorite movie (silent or not) of all time: Speedy. (Read this post if you'd like more information on the film---Speedy has shown its presence on teenytinytidbits before.)

4. Montgomery Clift

~~~Now, I'm not a big fan of military men, but boy, when Montgomery Clift portrayed a soldier in the classic The Search, I was swept off my feet. Just look at him. Admire this classy gentleman.

3. Humphrey Bogart

~~~"Here's to looking at you, kid." That classic line from Casablanca won me over. Sure, we can't forget The Maltese Falcon (awesome film noir), but after I saw Casablanca in its entirety, I was like, "Whoa. What a man."

2. Clark Gable

~~~Oh Clark! I had never paid any attention to him, until one Friday night, my sister and I decided it was okay to watch Gone With the Wind---ALL of it. Clark Gable as Rhett Butler left me speechless. The epitome of manhood*, Clark Gable portrays Rhett Butler as a confident, passionate, yet-at-the-end-of-the-day-understanding-that-his-well-being-is-more-important-than-wasting-time-with-a-fickle-woman man. Who doesn't like confidence in a man (well, take it with a grain of salt, we can't have too much confidence/arrogance)?

1. James Dean

Source: via Eunice on Pinterest

~~~OH YES. YES. YES. James Dean is  #1 on my list right now. Such a rebel. Adventurous. Passionate. Loyal to his beliefs. And definitely handsome. It's a pity he had to die young. I just can't explain all the reasons why he's such a heartthrob; he just is. I can't possibly be the only one who thinks so?

If you haven't wandered away already and have gotten to these last few words, congratulations. I apologize for my more-than-usual-girliness. And yup, these guys are the top 5 "classics"---don't think I don't have a spot for today's gentlemen! And of course, being the social scientist I am (or try to be, or pretend to be, or believe that I am when really I'm not <--- take your pick), looking at these men and observing the perception of manhood during the earlier part of the 20th century, I ask, "What has happened?"

Let me be more detailed but brief: what has manhood become? I cannot claim that I would like all behaviors and customs to be like they once were---we have progressed, as a society, into a much more diverse and gender-blending people. And it does tickle me very much when I see Dove body bath commercials targeted at men now. Yes, guys, it's okay to have soft and hydrated skin. Oh goodness, anyone out there who wants to discuss gender and sexuality in America today?

Wednesday, February 22, 2012

Natural Wallpaper

Good morning, everyone!

So I've just joined Pinterest, and goodness, so much stuff! I'm currently slightly overwhelmed by this beautiful wall. I want it. (But in order to get anywhere near having this wall decor, I probably need to own a house, rather than rent an apartment...) One day...

Tuesday, February 21, 2012

What is this thing called Pinterest?

Well, I'll just say it: I'm intrigued. I think I'm going to invest a bit of time on here...

While you wait for my next post (which I promise will be kind of sort of entertaining--I hope!), enjoy and just take this little image in. Let it soak in your mind...haha, spoiled milk. :)

Source: via Betsy on Pinterest

Monday, February 20, 2012

Music Monday: We Are Young

I know it's a little late in the day for this Music Monday, but I have to share this song by Fun. Hopefully you've already heard it, but if not, here you go!

"I know you're trying to forget
but between the drinks and subtle things
the holes in my apologies
you know I'm trying hard to take it back"

Kind of dark, sort of haunting, definitely going on my "Songs I Fancy" playlist. And the fact that Janelle Monae is in this song too makes it 1,000,000 times more AWESOME. In other news...I'm working on this post (for later this week) and just to give y'all a heads-up it's about a few classy men that I think are worth mentioning...

{I'll give y'all a hint: I watched Gone With The Wind last Friday, and that Rhett Butler...oh boy...}

Monday, February 13, 2012

Music Monday: Semi Charmed Life

Happy Music Monday, y'all! Boy, I've been sick since the latter half of last week up until today. I'm still plagued by a runny nose, but at least that is all that remains from my earlier malady.

Anyway, while ill, I had some pretty strange dreams---ranging from REALLY PUFFY BATHROBES to my own death, oh and I flew, too! I've had pretty crazy nights, I guess you could say, but I'm ready to fully recover and be completely conscious.

In addition to eccentric slumber, I watched a few really corny horror movies over the weekend...the first of which was...TORTURE GARDEN!!! (Note: I seriously didn't realize Burgess Meredith was in this movie until I started looking for it online...OOPS. Another note: trailer courtesy of TCM.)

Torture Garden is basically one of those vignette movies---showing each character how evil he/she could be and the consequences that would follow, should they choose to be evil. Some parts were kind of CREEPY, while others (e.g. a piano throws a girl out the window) were just HILARIOUS. Yup, it was a great movie...tolerable for a sick day, at least....Oh wait, you thought that was the only corny horror movie I saw??? If you did, well, I gotta tell you you're wrong...What could be better than TORTURE GARDEN???

Nothing, but this next movie was worth a laugh...DARK HOUSE:

Yeah, Dark House is one of those horror know, the ones with a nonsensical story, unnecessarily abundant profanity, and a messily juxtaposed lesbian romance. By nonsensical I mean that it makes no sense whatsoever why the director guy would use that particular house (a house, witness to a gruesome murder spree of sorts) to film a mediocre "horror" show/movie/whatever-it-was-supposed-to-be...Anyway, if you're sick, stuck at home, and cuddled up with your favorite penguin blanket and furry slippers, this movie is worth watching---at least for the laughter caused by its sheer ridiculousness.

...I think this is turning out okay?? Pecan pound cake??
Anyway, today is Monday, I've just prepared my own improvised version of a pecan pound cake and now it's in the oven. I guess I'll see how it turns out...really, I don't even eat these things, I just enjoy preparing them, hahahaha! You know, I feel better, now that I've finished typing up this little post---not little literally, but you know what I mean...

Friday, February 10, 2012

Self-Pity: What's the Point?

Happy Friday Tidbits Readers!

Really, it's Friday? Yes, yes it is, and as I stand in this particular point in time, I cannot comprehend how this week has managed to both drudge and rush along. I've been sick, stricken by something-I-don't-know-what. Everyone around me has been ill, actually, but I'm just trying to brush it all off by saying it's just a cold. A very bad cold.

Anyway, I'm admitting the following today: whenever I'm sick, I always tend to pity myself too too much. Like, boohoohoo I'm sick, no one loves me, I feel terrible, my body hurts, I can't open my eyes all the way, I don't wanna take medicine, I can't swallow pills, blah blah blah...

And then, sometimes---if I'm sick for an extended period of time---I go into Self-Pity Hyperdrive: booo, I have a terrible relationship (if you can even call it that) with my father, I've fallen in love with the same worthless perennial student more than three times and every single time I know I'm not gonna like the ending, I don't have the job I want, I've given another dumb-butt a chance to win my heart but he doesn't take the hint so I'm giving up on that miserable human being, I didn't have the same opportunities as some other more fortunate kids, blah blah blah...

Self-Pity Hyperdrive.

Yeah, it gets really bad when I start digging into that realm of dissatisfaction and failure. And now I've gotten to the point where I'm scolding myself for digging my own grave of sorts...(That little bit of imagery doesn't really work when I haven't really used it---I was thinking it, and this sentence probably doesn't make any sense.) The point is, I become angry at myself for being so pitiful. No! You will not feel self-pity. Pity is for the weak. The things that have happened in your life have happened---you can't do anything about them. You can however, Euni, move on and get better. Maybe instead of spiraling down a deep deep abyss of disappointment I could be finishing my applications for grad school, or searching for jobs, or learning Chinese, or going for a run, reading a book, jumping up and down...I dunno, I could totally be doing something---anything---and that something would be way more productive than my current sulking and bout of self-pity.

Is this something all twenty-somethings go through? I know a lot of us go through that period of identity crisis, you know, in which you're not sure if you made the right decisions with school and career and all that stuff; I've also observed that some people in this quarterlife age group seem so serene and calm about their lives, having fun, living freely and lightly. In case you haven't noticed, I'm kind of the opposite, constantly worrying and overthinking things---all things. Maybe that's why I can't float---and hence, cannot swim. I should probably change that. And not just think about changing that.

Someone, anyone, may I please have a boost?

Wednesday, February 8, 2012


Birds flying straight at me.

Saved by tree
Saved by window.
Seagulls are kind of creepy...

I had birds.
Finches. love making finches.
bad parenting finches.

Loud lovebirds.
Narcissistic cockatiel.
Most loyal cockatiel
dying cockatiel. 

Monday, February 6, 2012

Music Monday: 12 Fingers

Happy Music Monday, Friends! :) I'm kind of sort of sorry I didn't really post anything more last week---honestly, I have been wondering how to write about my favorite (corny) horror movie of all time, but I keep starting, and then I think it looks bad, and then I erase my words, and then I try to start over, and THEN I say, "I'll just do it later..."---so, hopefully this week I'll do better.

This morning, as I was getting ready for work, I remembered Young The Giant. And I wanted to listen to their album, at that very instant, but couldn't, since I was pressed for time. Anyway, I brought my iPod along to work, so that I could listen to it during my lunch. Needless to say, I had an awesome lunch, mostly because I got to listen to 12 Fingers. ENJOY! :)

By the way, I got another haircut this weekend: I'll be updating my picture soon. Aaaaaand I was totally excited and happy that the NY Giants won last night. The winning touchdown (and extraordinarily hilarious) picture:

OMG, I totally didn't even realize that I made a mini-Giant-theme for this marvelous Monday. Ha! See y'all next time! :)