Sunday, December 4, 2011


Good evening, and Happy Sunday to everyone! :) Noted, it is quite cold and rainy outside, but it's quite alright---it's the holiday season! My mother and I have been getting more and more into decorating our home for the holidays, and this year, Mom really outdid her crafty and creative self with a string of Christmas lights, a vase, and some decorative filler stones---so I'm showing off the creation with the following pictures:

I love Christmas lights. Bright, but not too-too bright, you know? And you should see our Christmas tree: we opted for a skinnier tree this year, and decorated it with white/frosted-white/red round lights and redbird pretty!

On a side note, I'm feeling a lot better than last week. I was ill since before Thanksgiving, and I was bedridden on both last Sunday and Monday. I actually lost my voice, and let me tell you, it was not a fun experience. Luckily, I'm getting over the sickness now, with only a nasty cough that scares children as the last dwindling piece of evidence of illness.

On ANOTHER side note, isn't that Pop Tarts commercial jingle super adorable? Or is it just adorable because of those unrecognizable and androgynous critters?

Why does only one of those Pop-Tart eating creatures have hair? Anyway, they're adorable, and their charm might convince me to buy their advertised product, even the product itself isn't quite as precious as these little guys.

One last note: I'm working on a Whales post, so y'all best be getting ready! You're gonna have....a WHALE of a time...(yes, I totally just went there...)

Much love to all! :)

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