Wednesday, December 28, 2011

A Whale of a Week

Good afternoon, friends,

I hope you all had a wonderful Christmas (I think I already said that before in this week's Music Monday post, but all the same...) with friends and family. These past few days have been ~*~*~GREAT~*~*~. Oh, I forgot to tell y'all -- I got a new job and I start the first week of January, which is just AWESOME, because you know, "new year, new career" never sounded so true and real to me. I really don't know where this new job will take me, but the way I see it, things can only get better -- there's no time for bad things this coming year, 2012 will be the best year yet in my young life.

The point I'm trying to make here though is the following: since my last day at my previous Bank job was on Friday, I have this entire week off. Granted, without pay, but regardless, it's been good to me. Just yesterday for example, I basically ran over 5 miles during my workout. INTENSE. Oh, and I went to a vintage costume shop with my younger sister, went on a barstool finding adventure with the older sister, and got the OK from the mother to get only the most awesome bath mat ever (a WHALE bath mat from Urban Outfitters). And tonight, if everything goes as scheduled, I will attend my first public yoga class with my younger sister. We'll see how that works out~~~fyi, I'm just ready to stretch and get taller again (#petitewishes).

(Side Note: maybe, just maybe, I might be crazy enough to get my hair cut and styled before this great week is over...)

And you guys remember how I wrote about my whale affection? If you don't remember, you can refresh your memory by reading this whale-post. Well! My younger sister, being the awesome sister that she is, got me the following for Christmas:
  • whale faucet cover thingy
  • whale bath caddy
  • whale panties
  • other cool things that didn't have anything to do with whales, but they were still cool
I cleaned the bathroom on Monday, just so I could boast my new whale faucet cover thingy...

It says, "Get ready for a WHALE of bath!"
It's been such an adorable thing to look at when I take a shower, and it's been fun to say to my guests and family, "Have you taken a look at my bathroom? Would you like to look at my bathtub?"

And then....yesterday, after my vintage costume shop adventure with the younger sister, we went to Target to buy some cream of mushroom for my mom's "poulet champignon" (lolol), and guess what else I found????

Whale cup and bowl that say, "I LOVE U THIS MUCH."
These little babies are gonna be a great way for me to enjoy my lunch at my new job. Oh yeeeeeee-ahh! And so, I'll let y'all go for now, but before I leave let me give you guys a preview of the whale bath mat:

This is blurry, but nevertheless, A-DORABLE.
P.S. You know what else is awesome? Watching corny and terrible movies on that horror movie channel, FearNET. Hilarious times....this week we watched Trucks, based on a short story by Stephen King. If you go the IMDb website, you'll see the action phrase "U-turn, U die!" Really, the story doesn't make any sense, but it is something worthwhile to watch, if you want to waste time and not do anything else. Just one bit of advice...KEEP YOUR EYES ON THE ROAD. Enjoy! :)

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