Sunday, December 11, 2011

On Whales and other Whales

I like whales. Like, a lot.
Whale drawing by get_ymmot.
I would love to show off my own whale drawing talents, but I've been blogging from my Mac, and I have yet to get a more suitable program for drawing pictures on this thing, (and I'm too lazy to turn on and work on the PC...). However, I have accumulated a few whale items over the years, and at this point in life, I wish to expand my collection....Then I can say I have a WHALE of a whale collection...
(Will I ever tire of that poor joke?)

Anyway, below are a few of the articles of clothing I've found---seriously, all of these whale items have found me...
Adorable whale shorties from aerie.

Whales engulfing this soft summer tank top from Delia's.
My sister found this whale sweater at Urban Outfitters. I looooove it.
While I hope to increase the number of whale items in my collection---not just clothing, but other things as well---I have most recently stumbled upon this AMAZING and cute (and possibly too young for me, but who cares, it's my bathroom, after all) WHALE FAUCET COVER....
It bellows, "I'm cute, watch me make bath time 100000 times more AWESOME."
It's currently in stock at Target, and I'm hop-hop-hoping one of my really cool sisters will include this with my Christmas present. I don't care if it's meant for children's safety---I want it for my own health. I mean, come on, if you were to wake up every morning to this whale in your tub, would your day not be 100000 times better??? Think about it, and you'll find it's true. Just look at the whale. It speaks truth and cuteness. <3
(P.S. I didn't mention the famous WHALE DRESS, but that will be for another day!
P.P.S. What is the probability I'm wearing something whale-y right now???)

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