Thursday, May 17, 2012

Mini Panic Attack

That's how I feel right now. Now that I'm 24, I realized that it's been exactly two years since I graduated from university. If I had been really really super focused and had known what I wanted to do two years ago, I'd be finishing up my masters degree right about now...or I'd possibly be halfway through my Ph. D.

This is tough on me, and while most of the time I calm myself down by saying, "It's alright Euni! The stuff you've gone through has been good for you and your development as an able human being in society!" (yes, I actually say "development as an able human being in society..." word for word), right now I'm kind of breaking down.

Where am I right now? Getting ready to take some calculus courses over the summer. I know that I want to pursue a higher degree in Behavioral Economics. What's holding me back? Not having enough information on good Behavioral Economics graduate programs. Also, the fear of not having enough funds/income to sustain my pursuit of higher education---sure, I can take on more loans, but at what point will it become too much debt? And sure, I'm totally cool with studying full-time and tackling the hard education stuff, but what about day-to-day living expenses (i.e. daily nourishment, rent, etc.)?

Someone should slap me in the face and give me a bottle of whiskey, preferably the whiskey first so my face can be numb.


Ok, I feel better now. I just need to laugh out loud and everything will be alright again---anyone want to join?

{On a brighter note, my birthday was wonderful. One of the best yet---but I'll discuss that later!}


  1. Well you could always do something productive in the form of traveling instead. Then again that also costs money and you wonder about day-to-day living expenses... Damn you adulthood!

    You're young live it up! There is plenty of time left in life to morph into that old boring adult.

    Good luck on the math classes. Sounds pleasurable...

    1. I've thought about traveling, and since my travel fever is at an all time high, it's highly probable that I'll venture out soon this summer (keeping my fingers crossed and looking forward to it!).

      Thanks Mr. Sparks, you're right, I am (and we all are) young! We don't have to be taken down by the burden of absolute adulthood just yet...and I'm just thrilled about my upcoming math adventures...

  2. I'm applying for grad fellowships this fall... That's the ticket! Just keep researching schools and telling yourself that you're awesome. Thats what I do! Lol, it kind of works...

    1. Wow, good luck with your applications!!

      While it does feel like I'm blindly floating around a bottomless body of water when it comes to researching grad school programs, I know that by this time next year, it'll all have passed and I'll be panicking about other stuff LOL!

  3. the comic is sooo me.

    I've been out of school for two years now as well and I sometimes worry about how productive I've been but when I think hard I realize how much I've grown up...... and then it's all good.

    1. Hahaha, thank you for you reassuring words! I don't feel so "out of it" now that I know I'm not the only one who encounters this "situation," and you're absolutely right, we have grown, just not always how we first expected! :)