Monday, May 28, 2012

Music Monday: Venezia

Happy Music Monday! Thought it was time for some lightheartedness again, and I was in 1980s Spanish music mood---Hombres G to be more precise. The above song is titled Venezia, and this particular song has made a home in my mind as Texas welcomes the good old (infamous?) Texas summer weather. It is hot. Very hot, and it's gonna get only hotter as summer progresses, but it's all good, because that only means that autumn comes soon after. And y'all know how much I love autumn. (A whole lot, in case you didn't know.)

Anyway, GUESS WHAT!?!?!?

I a BICYCLE!!! I sure as hell don't know how to ride it yet, but this evening right after I made my two-wheeled investment, we stopped by the so-called COYOTE PARK (ok, really it's called East Hill Park, but I've seen coyotes and bobcats and even DEER in and around!), and decided to have my first lesson.

Me, with the highlighter pink shorts, and my mother, with a meme face for the sake of anonymity.
Yup, I got a PURPLE bike. It was either the purple girls' bike or the TONY HAWK boys' bike---now, I'm all for gender bending, but if I'm gonna look ridiculous while learning how to ride a bike, I might as well be as girly as possible....maybe I should have gone with a Barbie bike instead...

Anyway, I made a fool of myself in front of an Indian and a white family, for about half an hour. We had issues putting the bike back into the Jeep, so my mother decided my sister and I would ride the bike and/or run back home. OH JOY.

My sister rode the bike, and I decided to jog beside her all the way home, by the way. Here's a snapshot of our route. 0.6 of a mile, that's CRAY CRAY Y'ALL!

That's a lot of running on such short notice!
Anyway, now I'm home, tired. Glad to say that I'm FINALLY on the right track to doing what I want. Hopefully my bicycle adventures will get better! :) If not, y'all will sure get to witness my mistakes hahahaha!!!

Have a great day/evening/night (or whatever time it is)!


  1. You're so cute, learning how to bike! Looking forward to more stories.

    1. I know, better late than never! I'll be sure to document my bike ride adventures!

  2. You're so dark :( I'm jealous....

    The world is a vast concrete jungle ready to be driven on.
    And fallen onto.
    Either way, good luck on the bike adventures!

    1. I'm trying to take advantage of the sunny weather while I can---I don't want to regress to my greenish tint lol!

      But thanks, I'm sure this will all be a great LEARNING EXPERIENCE.