Friday, May 4, 2012

The Cat's Outta the...Envelope?

Happy Thursday (well, Friday, actually...) to all! I'm a terrible TERRIBLE person, first leading y'all to believe I was gonna write about something super AWESOME and PURR-FECT on my 100th post, and secondly telling y'all in my 100th post that I would totally share this particular something by Wednesday. But ya know, I'm a rebel, I take pleasure in NOT doing the things I tell myself to do. That, and you know, this thing called work gets in my way of what I really wanna do, and then I have dumb responsibilities (i.e. laundry and junk) that I have to take care of, blah blah blah, and then I also like to daydream and read Paul Krugman, you get the idea...but I am truly ashamed that it took me exactly a week to share this particular post with you all. I'm sorry. Please read this entire post and y'all will see it was worth the wait.

So let's start---I know, after a million years of me rambling on and on (stalling?), here we go. I'm a terrible storyteller by the way. I mentioned in my 100th post that in writing a blog, I have met some pretty cool people---like, super cool people, who enjoy writing (and do it well), as well as they enjoy the little and quirky things in life. {Note: by little I mean the underappreciated things we experience on a daily basis.} Woody, over at Woodn't Ya Know It, just happens to be one of these super cool people. Like, no lies, if you need to laugh or be lightheartedly entertained, you gotta check out his blog.

Anyway, Woody fancies thrift store adventures, and has a "Thrift Store Pen Pals" segment in his blog. The basic idea is he randomly (though in my case not so randomly) chooses one of the participating pen pals and sends them a thrift store "treasure." The rest of this post is about the totally awesome item I received and how it's found a new home.

Oh yes, brace yourselves.
I never get any mail, so imagine this pleasant surprise...

HELLO TABBY! My very own Kitty Photo Friends Photo Frame!! Just what I always wanted but never asked for!

Not impressed??? Just wait...look at all the amazing positions my HELLO TABBY can get into:
You really need to click on this picture to see HELLO TABBY in all its glory.
Naturally, since HELLO TABBY (as I decided to name it) is part feline-part photo frame, I decided to take a little tour around my work area and see what faces would suit him/her (this cat transcends gender barriers by the way)...Enjoy...

The instructions were a lot harder than I thought...

Starting off with POUTY TABBY, because all cats look good with pouty lips.

Or if you prefer tall, dark, and handsome---how about SULTRY TABBY?

Or how about some HELLO TABBY ala High School Musical?

Oh, Zac Efron wasn't the only celebrity to audition for the coveted role of HELLO TABBY, the Desk Companion:

No surprise that Ke$ha would wanna be HELLO TABBY, on the printer.

Khloe Kardashian decided to add an air of wilderness to her HELLO TABBY portrayal.

Ok, maybe---MAYBE---I'm a little biased, but I think Ryan Gosling is best suited for HELLO TABBY...

I mean, come on, HELLO [RYAN] TABBY looks good just standing next to the phone and office pens.

And he works well with his co-workers!

Nope, this is not Ryan Gosling, but to be fair, I had to let this horse join the competition.
A HUGE thanks goes out to Woody once again, for being awesome in sending out little treasures to his fellow blogger friends! If you want to participate in the project, head on over to Woodn't Ya Know It and check out the guidelines! (You won't regret it!)

{Not to make this post all pigtail-braces-glasses-nerdy, but this unexpected exercise was good for me---since I didn't know what was coming, I really couldn't prepare what I would say/write/do. I'm always insecure about my writing---is it good (i.e. well-written, worthwhile), and if it is, what I can I do to make the next one better, blah blah blah---but working on this allowed me to get out of my usual subjects/thoughts and go back to my more lighthearted and happy style.}

Anyway, thought I'd share the following icanhascheezburger cat video---I can't explain how I think it's semi-sort-of-related to this post besides the fact that it has cats. Enjoy :)


  1. Ahh! That's a really cute/cool/unique thing! :)

    1. And it was definitely TOTALLY fun to write about!!! :D

  2. Haha!! Oh my god, this is amazing :) I love the 360 degree shot of the cat! And I have to agree, Ryan Gosling is the best candidate for cat-human hybridization. I love that you did all this at work, too. It really makes me wonder what your co-workers thought about you walking around with that cat frame! Thanks for the entertainment - you're amazing :)

    1. OMG you should have seen their reactions when I first got the cat in the mail! One co-worker said (in more or less words), "You gave someone our address!?!?" followed by this, "Well, I guess he can't be so bad if he sent you this cat. He's got good taste!" HAHAHA now Hello Ryan Tabby sits at my desk.

      Needless to say, they all had a pretty good laugh (along with a few "oooohs" and "awwwwws") when Hello Tabby toured the office. :)

  3. omg! That was great! I love Woody and his Thrift Store Pen Pal's program. I should see if I can do it again. :)

    1. Yeah, I saw that you had done it before, but when I tried looking at the link, it no longer existed---I guess because you changed your blog a bit?

      But all of his Thrift Store Pen Pal posts have been truly entertaining and fun! :)

  4. Ryan Gosling is ridiculously photogenic. Whether in a movie, on the streets of Hollywood, or trapped within the plastic body of a tabby cat, he knows how to rock.

    Found this review through Woody's site. Nice work, Euni!


    1. Ryan Gosling is just too good for his own good, but I love him anyway!

      Thanks for reading, Shane :)
      I gotta say, I enjoyed reading your Thrift Store Pen Pal post too! Woody just sends out the quirkiest things lol