Sunday, May 13, 2012


Dear Self,

I'm sorry I forgot my birthday was right around the corner. Sure, I realized that it was May, and in my mind I was like, "Yay, it's my birthday month. Woohoo!" but somehow it didn't quite dawn on me how close I really was to being another year older.

To compensate, I'll share a birthday wishlist with myself.

Ok, I'm sharing it with all my readers and friends, but I'm not doing this to ask for attention or to brag about my oh-so-refined-and-sophisticated tastes (riiiiiiiiiight). And I'm not asking for anybody to buy me any of these items...BUT in the event that someone (ahem, sisters in particular) would love to reward me for surviving yet another year, this wishlist will hopefully be extremely helpful.

1. Whale iPod speaker(s). (Yes, they exist, somewhere!)

I've tried to look for this speaker thingy, or cuter ones actually, but I've had no luck...Maybe somebody else will have better luck?

2. Steve Madden JAZIE COGNAC LEATHER oxfords. I have a soft spot for semi-androgynous Mr. Peanut-y shoes.

The pink adds a wacky feminine touch, I think.

3. Clinique CHUBBY STICKS. All of them, if I could. But one will make me happy.

I don't know how this happened---I was watching some television, minding my own business, not desiring any CHUBBY STICK lip balms, and then this commercial came on. It was a hypnotizing experience: by the end of the commercial I knew that I had to have at least one CHUBBY STICK. When did I become so stereotypically girly?

4. Clothing items with WHALES. (I guess I could have said whale-clad clothes?)

---BASICALLY, ANYTHING THAT HAS WHALES: DRESS, T-SHIRTS, PANTIES, SOCKS, SHORTS, ANYTHING!!!---Whales just make everything better, and I happen to look really good in whale-patterned clothing.

5. Oh yeah, I can't forget...

End This Depression Now!
Paul Krugman's new book: End This Depression Now!

I do love Krugman's clarity.

Anyway, those are the things that would make my birthday awesome. I mean, they're not super important and necessary items, but I wouldn't mind receiving any one of these items. ;)

P.S. A puppy would make a perfect gift too. I love puppies, particularly black labrador retrievers. GIMME PUPPY NOW (please?)!


  1. That's a cute list! Puppies make the BEST gifts :)

    1. Thanks! And I wouldn't care if all I got for my birthday was a PUPPY, but I don't think my carpets and furniture would appreciate the puppy as much as I would.

  2. I would like a puppy too!

    It's cute that you're into the whale theme, I saw the cutest whale notepad yesterday. The Prince would not let me buy it. I was sad. The end.

    1. That is sad! Doesn't he know Whale rule #1? ;)

      Whale rule #1: One should never turn down a whale-clad item.

  3. I got a puppy for my birthday once. It was awesome!!! Then she peed. She got over it though.

  4. She didn't get over the peeing, she got over doing it on the carpet. ;)

    1. HAHAHAHAHA, nice and funny puppy story! I wonder if I could train my hypothetical puppy like a cat? Can dogs use litter boxes lol!?