Sunday, August 26, 2012


A few things before I get into the main story...first, the weather has been magnificently lovely---quite unusual since it is still August (and this month is usually the peak of the summer heat). Second, I don't think I'm allergic to celery. Third, and this is a really BIG deal: I ate watermelon for the first time in over a decade. A decade!

What's the big deal about watermelon, you ask? I'm a super picky eater, in case y'all couldn't figure that out (it's not much of a surprise if you ask me), and frankly, I do not appreciate the texture of watermelon. And all those seeds. Even when my mom would buy the seedless kind, I ALWAYS managed to find a seed. And eating watermelon is just too messy to be worth it, you know...Anyway, these past couple of years I've been taking baby steps in broadening my "approved foods list," and now I can say that watermelon isn't so bad after all...but only in small quantities, and I must have a good (i.e. great for cutting small pieces of watermelon into even smaller pieces) fork while eating this semi-approved fruit. I must say, there is something charismatic about watermelon...I dunno why.

That's what I imagine a charismatic watermelon would say.

Anyway, honestly I've been really rebellious with my writing duties lately, and i have dragged this poor old post for too long. This should have posted last Tuesday, but I just kept procrastinating, getting on Pinterest, clicking the "random" button on marriedtothesea, and reading a bit of Economics stuff. Now it's Sunday and I've forgotten the real point of this post: it's not really as exciting as it was when it happened. THE MAIN STORY: I made really strong hazelnut coffee at work and drank quite a bit of it. Consequently, I felt like I had become hazelnuts. I felt like Nutella.

I know...definitely not as a great a story as it would've been had I written about this sooner. My apologies. Enjoy my latest Pinterest find instead, I might have shared this with a few people beforehand, but it's just too odd not to share it with the rest of y'all.


  1. Bear knife fights? I'm going to sound cruel because I would like to see that. Or monkey knife fights. Or lobster knife fights, but those things just look dangerous. It's been quite some time since I had watermelon. So long in fact I can't remember how it tastes, but the sheer number of seeds has always put me off. That also sounds like some amazing coffee right there.

    1. Don't tell anyone this but...I would like to see a bear knife fight too, especially if bear cubs were involved...wait, anyone can read this, but it would just be awesome :)

      Yeah, watermelon is still a little iffy, but maybe I can give it a few more tries before summer's over for-real-for-real. The seeds are the worst part.