Monday, August 20, 2012


xkcd: A Hypochrondiac's Nightmare

Happy Monday to all! This is a short "in the meantime" post; I will definitely try to post my regular Music Monday post later this evening, if time allows me to! Just a quick thing I wanted to share with the world...

Am I in love or am I just suffering from some heart murmur or palpitations?

Or could it just be a semi-allergic reaction to celery juice???

Also, did xkcd intentionally misspell "hypochrondiac"??

A few questions that I might never know the answers to I guess...see ya later!


  1. Well if you are actually in love then I hope it goes well. Sometimes we never really know the answer to that question. But XKCD will always be there for us.

    1. I hope it's love too (it's about time)! XKCD is just the best, I finally caught up with all of the comics and now from time to time spend a few hours clicking the "random"'s like a SURPRISE :D

  2. ahha... that comic is great.

    I hope you're in love and that you aren't allergic to celery ;)

    1. Definitely, because (a) I think I really like this guy, and (b) that celery juice isn't so bad either! :)