Wednesday, January 11, 2012


Wednesday, Wednesday, Wednesday. How is everybody doing!? You know, earlier today, when I was at work, I was actually working on a rough draft for today's Teeny Tiny Tidbit. Why, you ask? Well, because there have just been so many things on my mind lately, and I don't know which thing to write about first: Candyman, Paul Krugman, the Republican candidate showdowns, strange dreams, and last (but most certainly not least), more tales on the fine treasures I keep finding at work.

{Yowza! (lolol) the letter W sure let its presence be known in that paragraph!}

Since it is Wednesday, I guess I'll take the wacky way out of this overwhelmingly underwhelming predicament and share the newest treasures I've stumbled upon at work. You know, in my rough draft, I clearly remember writing, "...being at this new job has allowed me to appreciate the little oddities in life a lot more." Upon further reflection, I think I've always been appreciative of such things---the only difference now is that I document my findings more freely. I like this liberty.

Without further ado, may I present first....THE HORSE PEN:
This horse has some attitude. "NO FEAR."
The funnier part of this finding is that my older sister, who also works at this office, is terrified of horses....due to some unfortunate---ahem---beastly video...On another unfortunate note, while this pen is amazing, the ink has dried out, so I can't enjoy using it all day long. Sadness :'(

Also, for my entire "working" life, I have had to deal with and enjoy THIRTY-minute lunch breaks. I used to daydream about the day when I would have an HOUR-long lunch, and it seemed so strange to me, you know? Well, let me tell you, ONE-HOUR lunch breaks are the BEST thing ever. Oh yeah, not only do I have time to eat my meal peacefully, carefully, and in a timely manner (oh god, have I got to tell you guys about my eating habits and mannerisms...but at a later date!), but I also have time to venture outside and do as I please! The other day my sister and I went to Target (in Rowlett, by the way, I'd never been there before), and I found some really cheap, pretty adorable, rubber stamps and ink...Now, I don't really need stamps at work, but you never know...I like self-encouragement.
My cheap rubber stamp set.

My cheap rubber stamp set at work---in both senses of the word.
Near the end of last week, I also got to do just about the most exciting thing ever: I got to refill the candy bowl that goes in the middle of the waiting area table. Here's the thing, it's a large, glossy, ceramic bowl, and when I encountered it, the poor bowl was bare! I found out where the candy reserves are kept, and found not just red peppermints, but green ones as well! OMG. That's your reaction, right? This was my reaction: (-_-). Yes, that face. I didn't go to college for nothing, you know, so I put my degree to good use and made the bowl stand out with what resources I had available. And so, behold, the perfect combination of red and green peppermints. I call it: ILLUSION OF CHOICE. I hope you know why my work of art bears that name.
True Story: EVERYBODY who waits in that waiting area actually takes candy from that bowl. They didn't before.
You're probably asking, what else could top all these amazing happenings? Brace yourself. If you feel overwhelmed right at this very moment from so much AWESOMENESS, you might want to breathe deeply five times and then scroll down for the finale...

...Are you....RELAXed?????
I swear to you, I am NOT making this up. Totally real.
A note to add to the above postcard---yes, it was indeed a postcard---the back of it stated the following pun: "When you're ready to seal the deal, contact {MEHNEMEH real estate agent}!" Ohhhhh, goodness. And I found this in decade-old sheet protectors! Oh, but that wasn't the only genius postcard I found, here's another terrific one:
You heard this postcard: STOP FEEDING THE RENT MONSTER!
Now, don't think I waste time at work. Believe me, I pounce on all assignments, but since it is January, this is supposedly---and definitely apparently---the slowest time of the year. I guess I should embrace it while I can!

Well, this has been quite a long post, and I intentionally made the pictures above huge, so y'all could enjoy the MAX. I could totally be one of those postcard creators. I hope y'all have been enjoying January (and your jobs, classes, activities, etc.) as much as I have. One more thing, when I got off work today and stepped on out, I was greeted by the late afternoon blue Texas sky. A little unseasonable weather, yes, but I love days like today.
Alright, I'll tackle POLITICS, Krugman, and Candyman (my favorite horror movie of all time), in the next few posts, ok? Good night! :)

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