Wednesday, January 4, 2012

Treasure Island---I mean, Desk

Today was my second day at my new job, and let me tell you, it's a whole lot easier than my previous job. The only thing I've really had to get used to is answering the phone on the first ring. (Down with phones!!!)

I'll get to the good part of this story. Today, redundantly, my second day, I decided to clean out my desk---I know, my desk!---and I found a few little treasures amongst the dust bunnies and scary wires. Ok, so I only found two treasures: cute paper clips and a trashcan figurine with pigeons.

Cute paper clips, you ask? Yes, adorable, colorful plastic paper clips, shaped like isosceles triangles. I found them in a glass jar by accident. I don't know how this jar got there, but judging by the nice thick blanket of dust embracing it, this jar had been in the dark corner of the desk for a long, long time. I opened the jar, thinking it was just full of big, ugly rubber bands, poured the contents out and guess what came out?

Cute triangle paper clips!
You're probably thinking, what could possibly be more awesome than adorable paper clips? Well, let me show you.

Yes, it is what you think it is.
Who makes this? Don't think this was the only small-scale trashcan (with pigeons) I found---I mean, it literally was the only trashcan, but I also uncovered little "Homies" (i.e. "cholos," "gangstas," etc. lolol). I'm not lying, they really do exist, but I preferred my little trashcan with pigeons figurine over any of those mini human renditions.

See, they do exist!
So yeah, today was a pretty productive day, what with the cleaning of my desk and the discovery of the treasure. I felt like an explorer, really, uncovering things left behind by previous owners of this desk. I myself am not one to leave things behind, but if I do, I hope the next owner of this desk will have the same curious spirit and discover the new treasures. (That mini trashcan is coming with me though!)

Now, I really must go to bed. Yoga has been intense, and I need to rest up. Good night!

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