Monday, January 30, 2012

Music Monday: Girl Sailor

Happy Music Monday!!! I've been in a certain kind of mood...the kind of mood that just wants to listen to The Shins all day long, every single day. Oh yeah, I'm definitely excited for March, when their new album comes out...

Anyway, after all that serious stuff from last week on the economy and politics, I thought it be nice to just enjoy this week peacefully and more lightly. And so.....are YOU READY FOR SOME WHALE TIME?????

Oh yeah, I think y'all are...

I decided to draw whales on my nails. They never fail. *badrhyming*
Whale you be my friend??? (I promise whale puns get better with time!...riiiiight...)
And last but not least....since it IS Monday, after all...

How can it NOT be a great Monday when there is a whale by my side??
Anyway, I hope y'all have a had a great start of this new week! Can y'all believe it's almost February!? I'm ready to fall in love again! <3 :)

P.S. Yes, I'm ready to fall in love again, I can't let myself forget how good it feels to be in love, even if the ending might be unforgivingly painful.
P.P.S. I finally got a new car...Well, it's a Jeep, and it's exactly the one I wanted...I'll talk about it later this week!!! :D

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