Monday, January 23, 2012

Music Monday: Midnight City

Happy Music Monday!!! You know, because I look forward to posting a different song every Monday, I don't really hate the beginning of the week anymore...Maybe---just MAYBE---you feel the same??? (That's asking for too much, I know, but I can dream, right?)

Speaking of dream, the song above, Midnight City by M83, has been teasing me for the last couple of months. The first time I heard this song (the tiiii - tiiii - tiii - tii part at the beginning of the song in particular), I didn't get the name of either artist or song. And let me tell you: not knowing the name of the song is one of the biggest frustrations in my life---seriously, it drives me insane. Well! The point I'm trying to make in relating the whole "dream-talk" to this song is precisely this: Midnight City makes it easier for me to float away into my dreamland, be it bedtime slumber or daydream. Close your eyes and listen.

Speaking of dream (again), I've been meaning to talk about a dream I had a couple of weeks ago. You know those really strange dreams, in which you're doing something, and then suddenly, you're doing another completely different something? Here's my involves Benedict Arnold, a boat, and a crime scene---I know, it sounds like the beginning of a bad joke...but really, it was just the oddest dream I've had in a while.

Let me just retell it here.
First, I remember I was at a really old house (like those from the late 1800s) in the present day---it was apparently a museum of sorts, with historical figures preserved indoors. One of those historical figures was Benedict Arnold, and I remember it was our (I don't quite remember who was with me in the dream, there were quite a few of us) duty to keep the historical figures indoors. They had come to life, you see, I guess you could say they were zombies, but they didn't look very "dead." Well, Benedict Arnold wanted to go outside, and I remember leaving my older sister FEBE at the front door, and I told her, "Don't let him out!" I ran across the street and looked back: FEBE was holding a screendoor closed while Benedict Arnold was trying to escape; because FEBE's arms were extended upwards, Mr. Arnold proceeded to tickle FEBE until it seemed like she was surrendering the door to him.
SUDDENLY, I found myself on a white, rustic rowboat, without paddles, and I was trying to float away in it. The boat kept getting smaller and smaller, and water started flowing onto the boat; I could feel the waves push me along the shore.
AND THEN, I started going up some stairs and as I found the outdoors, I realized I had just exited a subway station in New York. {Interestingly enough, I do recall exiting from that very station during my trip in October last year.} Anyway, as I walked toward the public---where the people were---I stumbled upon a fresh crime scene. And as I got closer to the crime scene, everything became black and white, and I felt like I was in film noir.
Then I woke up! I've come to the conclusion that there were, in fact, three distinct dreams, but due to my being human, I forgot the beginnings/endings of each and just jumbled all three together. I also like to imagine that I really do travel and see these things (well, maybe not the Benedict Arnold part), some sort of parallel universe, perhaps? I dunno. What I do know, with utmost certainty, is that I love to dream, and I look forward to sleep every night because of it.


  1. Yesterday one of the girls in my class told me she had dreamed about me. All curiously, I asked what had happened in her dream and she told me we went into a haunted house and a witch chopped me up. Slightly disturbing!

    I never remember my dreams! I wish I could...Your's sounds very Criminal Minds!

  2. PS - I love the tiii tiii tiii ti bit of the song but I'm not so keen on the rest.

    1. Goodness, your classmate's dream was disturbing! My dreams used to be more vivid, but now the memory of them has become rare (maybe it's because I'm older lol).

      With respect to the song, I admit, my favorite part of it is precisely the tiiii-tiiii-tiii-tii beginning! :)